Meet Naib Subedar Deepak Lather – Youngest Male Weightlifter to Win a CWG medal

Naib Subedar Deepak lather has become the youngest male weightlifter to win a medal in Commonwealth Games. He has made India as well as Indian Army Proud with this win. He bagged a Bronze medal in men’s 69 KG weight class at the CWG 2018 in Gold Coast.

Who is Deepak Lather?

Naib Subedar Deepak Lather is an Indian Army soldier who has made India pound in Common Wealth Games. Along with that, he has become the youngest weightlifter to win a medal in the Common Wealth Games.

Deepak was born on 25th of March 2000. Hailing from a small village Shadipur in Haryana, his father was a farmer and he used to help him in the farmland. This helped him a lot to earn immense strength in his body (especially his arms). Deepak Lather’s father Bijender lather wanted his son to be a wrestler but after Deepak was selected in Indian Army, his passion changed. After joining the Indian Armed Forces, he wanted to become a diver, but later his strength took in to become a weightlifter. He builds his recognition in the national championships.

He joined Indian Army through Sports Quota and joined the Army Sports Institute where he nourished his weightlifting skills and represented India in weightlifting. He is currently serving in Bombay Sappers regiment at the post of Naib Subedar.

Deepak Lather in CWG 2018 at Gold Coast:

In the Commonwealth Games 2018, Deepak Lather showcased the incredible presentation of power that allowed him to bag a Bronze medal. Deepak’s Coach Vijay Sharma said that being young and energetic; Deepak has the advantage to learn as much as he can. With the passage of time, his skills will become perfect. And as he grows old, his strength will exponentially increase. But once he needs to amend his techniques periodically to improve his skills. If your technique is set, you won’t be able to modify it.

On 6th of April 2018, Deepak Lather made history by winning a bronze medal in 69-Kg weight category at 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Interesting Facts about Deepak Lather:

1. Deepak has been a zealous person since childhood. He totally shocked the entire weightlifting community in India after he broke the national record in Men’s 62 KG category. He made that lift in the National Championship when he was just 16. Talking about the last eight years, no Indian weightlifter had been capable of lifting 125 KG in the snatch category.

2. In CWG 2018, he is the youngest Wight lifter to attend the event. Before that, in the Commonwealth Youth Championship, he broke the Game’s Record and bagged a GOLD medal, which was conducted in Samoa.

3. Deepak Lather’s village doesn’t even have a single gym where he can workout and boost his stamina. He used to do a workout at his home on a mat. He gives the entire credit to his God and says that this is the God’s plan.

4. Deepak was one of the 20 candidates who was selected for Indian Army, on the basis of their abilities. He was instructed to run hundred meters, one kilometre, long jump, broad jump, etc. initially he was trained for a diver but as he doesn’t find any interest. After three months of training as a diver, he was reassigned to weightlifting where he excelled well.


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