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Simple Hacks To Succeed the Group Planning Exercise in GTO

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Simple Hacks To Succeed the Group Planning Exercise in GTO

In SSB, the after the filtration of some candidates during screening, the candidates are undergone Interview, Psychology and GTO task that are collectively used to determine the best-suited candidates to become Gentleman cadet. In all, GTO is the part where your physical (along with mental) ability is judged. In GTO, there are multiple tasks that include Lecturette, Group Planning Exercise, Snake Race, Half group task (HGT), Full group task (FGT), Individual obstacle task (IO), Progressive Group Task (PGT). In these, the Group planning is one activity where your mental ability is judged on the basis of artificial problematic situations.

In GP, there are multiple problems occurred within the task that demands a mixture of planning, discussion, and resource management. This sitting activity generally generated problems for the candidates during the discussion and during the personal planning process. Undoubtedly, most of you will find it hard to solve crack the military planning exercise and show your best in the task.

Below are some simple but very effective hacks that can help you leading the discussion and become a prominent face in the exercise; resulting in good changes of recommendation.

Let’s Start With What Points You Should Consider:

Listen to the Instructions Carefully: Well, SSB is a test where you are examined from all aspects. During the MP exercise, always keep your listening senses active and note each and every problem attentively within your mind.

Read The Whole Situation And Keep It In Your Mind Until The End Of Discussion Part: In a general way, the GP task is a mind game. Since the start till the end of activity, all the problems must be present in your mind. This will help you filter them priority wise during the discussion and present the most favorable solution to the group. This will also show your attentiveness towards the problems adding points to your scorecard.

Listen to other During Discussion:
This is a major problem that most of you may face. You don’t listen to others while finding a common solution to the problems. You should always listen to your group members. But this doesn’t mean that you invest all your time in listening to them. Speak at the tight time is the key to victory.

How to Win the Military Planning Exercise:

Have Basic Knowledge: GP in SSB is one such task which required some basic knowledge while resolving the problems. For e.g. if there is a problem where an injured is stuck in an ambulance within traffic, the ambulance can be driven backward. This requires the knowledge of the fact that ambulance can be driven backward without breaking traffic rules. These types of day to day knowledge will always help you find the most efficient solution to the problems.

Prioritize the Problems Correctly: Many of the aspirants think that it’s the discussion that matters the most whereas the writing doesn’t matter much. But, it is totally false belief. Your written matter is also checked. So, always start with prioritizing the problems. Along with this, maintain a good format that may include prioritizing the situation, available resource list, your favorable solution. This will help you make a clean format of the solution of the problem.

Use Maximum Resources that You can Use: During the discussion, you will not be able to see many of the resources, but you have the liberty to visualize them if you find it appropriate. This will help you resolve the problem easily and wisely.

Have Command on English: As the discussion is carried out in English language, it will be better if you have a good command of English. Fluency in the English language will help you speak with confidence and actually.

Additional Tip for Aspirants:

It’s your practice that will make you the perfect candidate SSB examiner are looking for It’s better to practice for the written task in SSB like writing for WAT, TAT, Self Description within given time limit. Also, cross-check your quality with each passing day to make it the best from your end.

NOTE: Taking coaching doesn’t give you 100 percent selection surety. Even those who took coaching are rejected in screening or conference and those who show their best in SSB without any coaching gets recommended and serve the nation.

So, believe in Yourself.


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