9 Simple Ways to Increase Your Stamina for GTO Physical Task

Simple Ways to Increase Your Stamina for GTO Physical Task

During the 5-days stay at SSB centre, the candidates require high physical and mental abilities. In the 5 days SSB routine, the last test is conducted on the grounds to test the blend of your physical and mental ability. The SSB Interview that encompasses Screening Test (Phase-I) followed by the Psychology Test, Personal Interview, and GTO Test. All these tests are used as the parameter to judge the candidate on different metrics that result in the shortlisting of candidates to join Indian Defence Forces. You are always suggested to increase your stamina for the SSB Interview.

But when we talk about the Ground Test, the GTO (Ground Test Officer) is a game of physical fitness that requires healthy mind and body to get a good score in the SSB. The GTO Test includes multiple activities that include:

  • Military Planning
  • Group Discussion
  • Lecturette
  • Snake Race
  • Half Group Task
  • Full Group Task
  • Individual Obstacle
  • Command Task

Out of these, a few are sitting exams while others are ground test that demands physical exercise and good stamina level. Most of the army personnel are habitual to have a healthy routine, but for civilians, it’s really hard to maintain a healthy routine that results in minimal stamina level.

So, how can you increase your stamina before your SSB Interview dates? Here are some simple ideas that you all most adopt to showcase high-stamina level at the GTO task.

Start with Simple Stretching & Warm-Up Exercise: This is the basic requirement for every SSB Candidate. During the GTO Tasks, you will be required to stay on the ground for 2-4 hours continuously. So, it’s important to build your stamina. Stretching and Warm-up, every morning will help you deliver the energy to perform well at the time of SSB Interview. Make it your habit to do stretching & warm-up every morning and start it at least 2-3 months before the SSB Interview dates

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Opt Any Sports: During the SSB, you will find some candidates to be highly active and have immense stamina. Regular sports activities are a reason behind them. Most of you would have chosen sports to play at school/college level that increase your stamina during the physical activities in SSB. If you have a dream to join Indian Defence Force, took any sports like Hockey, Cricket, Volleyball, etc and make it your regular habit.

Add Running To Your Daily Routine: Running is a simple and highly recommended activity that will increase your stamina and help you perform well during the physical activities on GTO day. Even during the training period, Gentlemen Cadets have a BPET (Battle Physical Efficiency Test) routine running every morning to maintain their physical strength.

Prefer Cycling/Walking Instead Of Motor-Vehicle: To take a step further towards your physical stamina, avoid using motor vehicles and use cycle to travel. Regular cycling really helps you burn excess belly fat and increases your stamina. Cycling also dispels sweat from your body that helps you retain charm on your face.

Attend Gym [If You Are Fitness Freak]: If you are a fitness freak, you can hit the gym. You can choose either morning or evening time for gyming and workout for every part of your body. The best pros of gyming are that it not only increase your stamina, it also builds a muscular body that most of the youngsters always dream.

Maintain Nutritious Diet: The most important part of all is your diet. Until and unless you are not focused on a healthy diet, it is hard for you to promote your fitness level. Always maintain a healthy diet on daily basis with the involvement of fibers, carbohydrates, nutrients, vitamins and other minerals. With this, don’t avoid the intake of right amount of water.

Important Points to Increase Your Stamina:

Maintain Regularity: Being strict towards your daily routing and maintaining regularity is highly important to increase your stamina for GTO Physical task. Most of the defence aspirants skip their daily routine and doesn’t get the desired results at the end.

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Focus On More Carbs Diet: This is one of the important dietary parts that will increase your physical strength. The intake of carbs increases the starch and sugar content in your body. These two supplements play an important role in increasing the endurance of your body and increases your working potential. Cereal, brown bread, fruits, pasta, and vegetables can be easily consumed to increase your fitness level.

Use Your Brain: When we talk about increasing your stamina to perform well during the GTO activities, that doesn’t mean it’s all about stamina. During different GTO Tasks, you will be required to use your physical strength as well as mental power. During the FGT, HGT, Command Task, you will be judged on the basis of your mental and physical ability collectively. So you should also prepare yourself with strong mental abilities too, along with strength.

Key Takeaways:

If you have to build your SSB Preparation plan according to the above-mentioned points and has considered all the possibilities, you are well prepared for the SSB interview. It’s important to prepare yourself for the each and every test of SSB at least 2-3 months before you receive your SSB Dates to build a good command on your personal skills.

All in all, be yourself and avoid bluffing the SSB Interviewer during the SSB 5-days test. Show the best of your performance and let the SSB Assessors judge the best.

If you have any sort of issues regarding SSB Interview, drop your question in the comment section below.