9 Golden Tips to Prepare for SSB Interview

Every candidate surf the internet to find SSB Preparation Tips which leads to countless URL in the search results. During the 5-days stay at SSB centre, it’s important to follow the guidelines given by your coaching instructors or your seniors. But reading the theoretical information is of no use as it is time-consuming and hard to understand. So, here are 10 golden tips to prepare for SSB Interview and increase your selection chances to get recommend in SSB.

Start Your Preparation in English:

Most o you are already aware of using the English language during your SSB Interview. But some of the candidates stuck in English and feel low-moral while competing against other SSB Candidates. So, you should start your SSB Preparation months before SSB Dates and make sure you practice English to build your confidence.

Know Yourself:

During the 5-Days SSB Interview, you will be judged for what you are. In the interview, you will be asked multiple questions related to your personality. You will be checked how much you know yourself and understand your own persona.

For many, it seems to be weird, but you should know yourself including your good and bad. To know everything about yourself, you can take help from your friends and learn what they link about your personality, what your mother thinks and how you are in real life.

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Build Good Hobbies:

Whatever hobby you have in your life, it churns your mental ability and delivers an incomparable output. During the SSB Interview, you are asked to share your hobbies in the PIQ Form and you could be asked Rapid Fire Questions based on your hobbies. But if you have no hobby till yet, find your interest like writing, reading poetry, reading novels, listening to songs, etc.  You should know almost everything about the hobby you adopt in your life.

Be a Smart Observer:

Completing your task and moving ahead is of no importance nowadays. In order to be unique from your group, you should observe each and every aspect of your task and then move ahead. This will help you earn sharp observing power along with long-lasting memory. Nobody is perfect on this globe, but you should be able to observe them be a smart observer in your life.

Track Good & Bad Together:

During the SSB Interview, you might be asked about the negative habits of your father, mother or even yourself. So, you should be prepared for your negative points along with the positive points.

During the interview, the interviewer can easily find your false statements and hence you should practice well about the good and bad. The more you respond to every query of the interviewer; the better will be your understanding of yourself o your known.

Start Playing Outdoor Games:

To retain strength and masculine body, you need some physical exercise on regular days. Playing game is one of the best physical activities which build team-spirit while playing along with the increase in stamina and strength. Playing outdoor games also boost your leadership qualities that play a vital role during the SSB Interview.

Start Taking Responsibility:

Taking responsibility will churn your internal zeal to complete any task and take the entire responsibility of any assignment. If you hold a responsibility during your school time or college tenure, you will find an advantage to lead the group in Group Task and other Group activities like Snake Race, Half Group Task, Full Group Task, etc.

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Start Reading Newspaper:

Most of you have a habit of reading news on daily basis. That’s really a good habit. During the SSB Interview, you will have different tasks like Military Planning, Lecturette, Group Discussion, Personal Interview, when the knowledge of current affair will help you a lot. But you should note that reading a newspaper to clear SSB is not good. Instead, you should make it your habit and read an English newspaper on a regular basis.

Stay Motivated & Zealous:

Your zeal to serve the country is what will make you clear the SSB and earn stars on your shoulder. You need to stay motivated when you are preparing for the SSB. Your motivation level must be at the top while attending the SSB, which can be easily visible to the interviewers.

Above all, it’s your efforts and determination to achieve success. But in all, you should stay updated with your surroundings and act like an armed officer.

All the Best for your SSB!

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