Story of Major Gen Ian Cardozo- Who Cut His Leg With Khukri

Another magnificent story of a true warrior and hero of the Indian Army that we represent in front of you- Major Gen Lan Cardozo. The Indian Army is filled with fascinating and inspiring stories that will give you goosebumps and motivate you to do something meaningful in your life. The stories of Indian soldiers who put everything aside but only kept forward the love for their nation. And one such story is of Major Gen Cardozo, which we will share today. 

The Early Life of Gen Cardozo

Story of Major Gen Ian Cardoz

Maj Gen Lan was born in an ordinary family in Bombay and completed his education in the same city. He led a common life, but his beliefs and dreams were extraordinary. The reason that made Gen Lan come into the Indian Army was his junior in school. So, after completing his education at St. Xaviers’s College Mumbai, he went to NDA for his graduation. And further, he got into the Indian Military Academy and later on joined the 5 Gorkha Rifles.  

He led his 1st battalion of the 5th Regiment of Gorkha Rifles and has fought many battles, including the Indo-Pak war. The battalion members called him by the name “Cartoos Sahib”. 

The Turning Point for Gen Lan Cardozo 

The turning point in the life of Gen Lan was during the Indo-Pak war of 1971. On the battlefield during the Indo-Pak war, Gen Cardozo accidentally put his feet on a landmine that, unfortunately, blew off his leg. And a Bangladeshi man who was there at the time saw his condition and took him to the headquarters. 

When the battle was happening, Gen Lan attended a Wellington screening at Defence Service Staff College. His battalion was already fighting the war along with the second in command. When the news spread that the second in command died fighting in the battle, Gen Lan was called to replace him. 

Major Gen Who Cut His Leg With A Khukri 

Story of Major Gen Ian Cardozo- Who Cut His Leg With Khukri

It was a mishap that wounded Gen Lan’s leg after he stepped on the landmine. And to stop the infection from spreading, doctors said that it was necessary to cut the portion. But Gen Lan declined to cut his leg off. 

During that time, the soldiers used to go to battles without any sedatives, medicines or morphine. Morphine helps in dealing with the pain of injured soldiers. 

Gen Lan asked Balbahadur – his Gorkha batman, “Where is my Khurki?” When he gave khukri to the General, he took that and cut his leg himself. Moreover, like a one-in-a-million coincidence, the unit captured a Pakistani soldier who was their army surgeon. And then he took care of and treated Cardozo.

The Unmatching Spirit of Cardozo 

Gen Lan didn’t want to give up his army career after such a significant injury. He was afraid that he would get a desk job after that incident. And a desk job would be something beyond his acceptance as a soldier. So, he worked even more passionately and with extra effort. There were times when he used to beat his “two-legs” colleagues at any physical tests. He undoubtedly fought against all odds that prevented him from following his dreams. 

He went to Ladakh with the Chief of Army Staff- General Tapishwar Narain Rana, to prove that a small accident could not take his dream. During that time, he travelled, walked mountains and trekked with only his wooden leg. No snow or big treks made him divert from his goal. It shook the Chief of Army that Gen Lan was doing such tedious tasks efficiently. And soon, Gen Cardozo was again ready to command his battalion. 

Full of passion and never-giving-up spirit, Gen Lan Cardozo is an inspiration to all the soldiers and civilians. He is also the first NDA Candidate who won silver and gold medals together. He is also an author of a book in which he writes about the unforgettable two weeks of the Indo-Pak war. 

There are many things that you can learn from this story. Nothing can beat you to achieve your goal if you are determined and focused. 

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