What are the Benefits for Agniveers After 4 Yrs Of Service

The Indian Army now gives civilians a chance to join the army for a certain period of time and serve their nation. The Agniveer scheme certainly offers candidates a chance to enter the Indian army. Any candidate can take advantage of Agniveer and get the benefits of the service for a limited period. If you are one candidate looking to join the force but are still unaware of the benefits, we will share everything you need to know about Agniveer. 

What is “Agniveer”? 

Under the Agneepath military recruitment scheme, the Indian Army has released terms and conditions with the name “Agniveer”, through which applicants can join the military force with specific rules. According to this scheme, any applicant within the age group 17 to 21 is eligible to join the Indian Army for a fixed period of four years. 

What Are The Benefits For Agniveer? 

There are certain benefits that a candidate gets after their four years of service that make them join the Indian army through Agniveer. Here are the some mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, even for a short period, a candidate gets a chance to service the nation as an army officer. 
  2. According to this scheme, after the tenure of four years, the administration retains 25% of the officers under Permanent Commission. The rest, 75%, however, are to return to their routine as a civilian. 
  3. After the tenure period, if the officer wants to start his own business as an entrepreneur, then the bank gives priority to them for loans.
  4. After four years, people who quit the Agniveer get a financial aid of 12 lakhs every year.  
  5. The Agniveer ex-serviceman also gets priority in selecting other departments like CAPF (Central Armed Police Force), the Assam Rifles and the Police forces in many states. 
  6. The Agniveer candidate is skilled in various aspects like mechanics, law, engineering and many others. It makes a person up for multitasking which major companies prefer for their roles. And they also get priority over other candidates in any MNCs. 

During their 4 years of service, initially, the monthly salary of an Agniveer is Rs. 30,000/-. Every year, they will get a hike of 10% in their salary, i.e 

  • Rs. 33,000/- for the second year
  • Rs. 36,500 for the third year 
  • Rs. 40,000/- in the last year 

There are many admirers of the Agniveer Scheme in the nation, and thousands of candidates are applying. Not only does it give you a chance to join the military force of India, but it will also help you build a better career in future. 

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