Story of Brigadier Mohammad Usman- Nightmare of Pakistan Army

There are many stories of Indian fighters and revolutionists who have made a recognizable contribution to the nation. Their struggle and bravery are written in golden words in the history of India. But, many other stories are still to be unfolded to recognize those who have given their lives for the country. One such name that not only India but Pakistan will also remember for hundreds of years is Brigadier Mohammad Usman – the Nightmare of the Pakistan Army and the pride of the Indian Army.  

Today we will share a story of that warrior who lived in the hearts eternally. The man for whom Pakistan issued a prize of Rs. 50,000 /- in 1947. And people called him by the name “Naushera Ka Sher“. 

Who is Brigadier Mohammad Usman? 

Born on 15th July in the small city of Azamgarh, Mohammad Usman completed his education in the same town. But during his childhood, he used to stutter a little bit. His father realized that this habit might stop him from clearing the civil services and made him prepare for the police. But unfortunately, the objective of the meeting was not achieved. The policeman used to stutter, and when he saw Usman doing the same, he assumed it was a joke. 

Later on, Mohd. Usman completed his graduation in 1934 and then got the chance to enter the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK as a second lieutenant. And after a month, he got into the 1st Battalion of the Cameronians for a year. 

The story starts after the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. He was the highest-ranking Muslim officer in the army. And due to this, the Pakistani government put a lot of pressure on him to join their military instead of the Indian army. But concerning all the offers and force, Brigadier Mohammad Usman was firm with his decision to serve his very first nation, no matter what. And ultimately, he got his posting to the Dogra Regiment. 

The Lion of Naushera- Brigadier Usman  

When an unknown tribe from Pakistan was sent to Jammu & Kashmir in 1947, their motive remained the same to capture the Indian state- J&K and give it to Pakistan. During this time, Brigadier Mohammad Usman was the commander of the 77th Parachute Brigade. 

Later on, Brigadier Usman was sent to the 50th Parachute Brigade in the city of Jhangar- a critical strategic location and center point for Pakistan and India, which was lost by the Indian army. It is because the day the Pakistani army took over Jhangar, Mohd. Usman pledged to regain the city under his army’s control. 

Furthermore, in the year 1948, under the command of Brigadier Mohammad Usman, the Indian troop successfully defended Nowshera and wounded around 2000 Pakistanis with only 102 soldiers by his side. Because of this extreme performance and leadership, he also got a name – Lion of Nowshera. The courageous acts made the Pakistani miserable, and the forces even put a reward of Rs. 50,000 on Usman’s head. But even after so many hatred and attacks, Brigadier Usman was unbeatable and continued his mission to recapture Jhangar. 

In February 1948, the troop finally got to defeat the enemies and pull out of the city of Jhangar. In the future, the enemy troops tried to recapture the town many times but only got to taste the defeat. The counterattacks between the two countries continued for several months. And in May 1948, when the Pakistani force rushed into the fray. The attack was severe, and during the time, Brigadier Mohammad Usman was hit by an enemy with a 25-pounder shell. The gem of India gave up his life fighting for his nation on 3rd July 1948. 

Even when he was lying on the ground taking his last breath, his words for his battalion were, “I am dying but do not let the territory we were fighting for fall for the enemy”. His bravery and courageous stories are an inspiration to all the soldiers and civilians. Brigadier Usman was also awarded the Maha Vir Chakra, India’s second highest military honour. 

He was buried in a grave near the Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi for his ultimate sacrifices and victories. 

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