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Sunjuwan Terror Attack: 10 Important Points That Lead To Biggest Terror Attack Of 2018

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The Sunjuwan Terror Attack is considered to be the biggest terror attack held in 2018. The terror attack that surprisingly took place within the army cantonment has become a point of discussion. As the terror attack in Jammu & Kashmir has resulted in multiple causalities that include the death of five soldiers and death of four terrorists. Since the fire of the first bullet till the last, there are some important points that every Indian must know.

About Sunjuwan Terror Atack:

Sunjwan Terror Attack was held in the army cantonment of Sunjuwan. The Sunjuwan military area is enclosed within high security, which is really hard to breach from any part of the boundary. In such a scenario, a bunch of terrorists entered the army area and took shelter in a military quarter

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Till now, Indian Army has revealed that a total of six army men have been martyred. Two of them were Subedar Rank, while other was having the post of Havaldar, Lance Naik. In the list of five deaths in the terror attack, one civilian has also been killed. He is the father of Lance Naik Mohd Iqbal.

List of Army men Martyred in Sunjuwan Terror Attack:

  • Subedar Madan Lal Choudhary- 1st JAK LI
  • Subedar Mohd Ashraf Mir- 1st JAK LI
  • Havaldar Habib- Ullah Qurashi- 1st JAK LI. Hav Qurashi succumbed to injuries at Military Hospital Satwari.
  • Lance Naik Mohd Iqbal, 1st JAK LI
  • Father of Lance Naik Mohd Iqbal- he is the sixth and the only civilian casualty of the attack

List of People Injured in Sunjuwan Terror Attack:

The actual information has not been revealed by the Indian Army, but as per the press release, nearly 11 persons have encountered injuries and are being treated in the military hospital, Jammu. Here is the list of eleven people who were injured in the biggest terror attack of 2018.

  • Lt Colonel Rohit Solanki- 6th Mahar- minor injuries
  • Major Avijit Singh- 6th Mahar- head injuries
  • Lance Naik Bahadur Singh- 1st JAK LI- multiple injuries
  • Havaldar Abdul Hamid Rashid- 1st JAK LI- head injuries
  • Paramjeet Kaur, 40, relative of Honourary Lt Madan Lal Chaudhary
  • Neha, 20, daughter of Honourary Lt Madan Lal Chaudhary- right leg injured
  • Somati Jena, 20, son of Havaldar Haripoda Jena, PA to 36 Brigade Commander- head injury
  • Wife of Havaldar Satyendra- minor injuries
  • Daughter of Havaldar Satyendra- minor injuries
  • Subedar Rajinder Singh- 6th Mahar- minor injuries
  • Wife of Rifleman Nazir Ahmed- delivered a baby at Military Hospital Satwari

Important Points about the Sunjuwan Terror Attack:

  • All the three terrorists killed in the Operation were wearing combat dress that makes it easy for them to enter the military area and took shelter within one of the army quarters.
  • Where no militant organization has taken the responsibility of this big terror attack, it is assumed to be the involvement of squad of Jaish-e-Mohammad, which was named after Afzal Guru.
  • Afzal Guru was the convicted for planning and executing the 2001 parliament attack. Interestingly, he was hanged on 9th February and the terrorists executed the Sunjwan attack on 10th of February.
  • It is said that the terrorists entered the army area through the back of the cantonment. The entered the camp at around 0455 hours. When the Sentries witnessed suspicious activities, they started firing on the sentry bunker. But till the sentry respond them with a return fire, the terrorists managed to enter the military complex and took shelter in one of the military quarter.

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  • As there are nearly 150 quarters in the Sunjuwan Army Camp, the Indian Army managed to evacuate most of the people from their houses, but during the operation, women and children were mostly injured.
  • Among all, Subedar Madan Lal Choudhary was martyred while his wife and daughter were injured in the terrorist attack.
  • As the situation gets worse, the Jammu was put under high alert and most of the nearby schools, shopping centre were instructed to remain closed.
  • After the militants were neutralized, a high amount of ammunition has been recovered by the Indian Army. The ammunition includes AK-46 rifles, grenade launchers, etc. which symbolize that they entered the cantonment with a big plan.
  • The target of terrorists was the Kendriya Vidyalaya where the children of military personnel are educated. But their plan totally failed to flourish as Indian Army neutralized them before they can plan anything.
  • The Sunjuwan terror Attack is one of the biggest terror attacks after Uri Attack which was held in 2016. In the Uri attack, nearly 19 soldiers were martyred. Along with the terror attack within the army cantonment, the Pakistani army broke the ceasefire that results in the death of a civilian woman.

We salute the supreme sacrifice made by the brave soldiers of Indian Army.


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