Interesting Facts about Captain Kapil Kundu– Martyred 6 Days before His 23rd Birthday

Captain Kapil Kundu was one of the four brave sons of our Motherland who were martyred in Rajouri Sector on 4th February. Kapil was a young and energetic captain who wished to become general of Indian Army and lead the defence force. In the Rajouri attack, three other soldiers were also martyred named Havildar Roshan Lal, Rifleman Ram Avtar, and Rifleman Shubam Singh. Martyr Captain Kapil Kundu was about to celebrate his 23rd birthday on 10th of February. On his supreme sacrifice for the nation, here are some of the interesting facts about his life that will undoubtedly inspire you to join defence forces and serve the motherland.

Interesting Facts about Captain Kapil Kundu:

  • Kapil was born on 10th of February 1995 in Gurgaon. He studied in Divine Dale International School Gurgaon.
  • Before joining NDA, Kapil took IIT Coaching from FITJEE Janakpuri, New Delhi.
  • Martyr Kapil Kundu was recommended for Indian Army in 2012 through NDA Exam. He was recommended in his First attempt in SSB.

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  • Before his joining to National defence Academy, he witnessed the death of his father. This made him the only responsible man in his family. His father was died due to a heart attack.
  • He was not able to clear the PABT test to join Indian Air Force and hence he was declared Fit to join Indian Army.
  • Captain Kapil Kundu was the alumni of NDA 129th Course. He was ranked 178 in the NDA merit list for joining Army training at National Defence Academy, khadakwasla, Pune.
  • In the first Merit list of NDA 129 Course, for which the joining date was finalized as 27th December 2012, Kapil Kundu was not able to get the joining instructions.


captain kapil kundu in NDA 129 Merit List

  • In the Second Merit List of NDA 129th Course; Captain Kapil Kundu was selected to join NDA, Pune. He was required to report for training on 27th of December 2012.

captain kapil kundu in NDA 129 Merit List

  • During alumni meet in his School (in Gurgaon), Captain Kapil Kundu motivated the young students to join Indian defence forces and serve the country.
  • Captain Kapil Kundu was commissioned from the Indian Military Academy in 2017. He becomes a part of 15 JAK Li unit (Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry Regiment).
  • Kapil was promoted to the rank of Captain on 26th January 2018 i.e. he was promoted 15 days before he sacrificed for the nation.

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  • Captain Kapil Kundu was about to celebrate his 23rd birthday on 10th February 2018 but was martyred just 6 days before he grew to 23.
  • Since childhood, Kapil was fond of reading bravery stories and was passionate to join Indian defence forces.  This reading skill made him perform as good in the academics.
  • Captain Kapil Kundu was fond of poetry and he was also an amazing poet. Apart from poetry writing, he loved to live an adventurous life. He used to share his daily routine with his sister’s in form of poems.
  • The last poem written by martyr Captain Kapil Kundu was shared by one of his friends. Read the poem below:

पागल दीवाना

“अपने लहू से सिंचा है उन परवानों ने,

यूंही नहीं ये वादियां जन्नत कहलाती हैं

आज भी खड़ी है रुह-ए-आशिक़ इन सरहदों पे,

आज़माना है किसी को अपना ज़ोर तो आए

पूछा खुदा ने काफी कत्ल किए हैं उस जहां ने,

बोला, आशिक-ए-वतन हूं गुनाहों की हर सज़ा मंजूर है

करके नम अपने चशम, बोले निज़ाम ए आलम,

ऐसे दलेर आशिक से पहली दफा पाला पड़ा है

बोला, खुदा कतार बहुत लंबी है अभी आने वालों की,

कमी नहीं है मेरे मुल्क में उसपर मर मिटने वालों की”

  • Capt Kapil always believes in making his life big instead of living long. He has the same status on his Facebook account: “Life should be big instead of being long

captain kapil kundu facebook account

  • Martyr Capt Kapil Kundu is survived by his mother Sunita Kundu and sisters Sonia and Kajal.

Photo Gallery of Martyr Captain Kapil Kundu:

A brave soldier always has a brave family too. Martyr Kapil’s mother showed this example in front of all. On the response to her son’s death, she responded that if she had one more son, she would have even sacrificed him too for the nation.

We all pay our tributes to the brave son of India. Your Supreme sacrifice will always be recalled in future. JAI HIND!

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  1. The real life tales of these bravehearts are too inspiring indeed !
    Really..there are no limits of our mind’s power and strength !
    Captain Kapil Kundu, Flying officer Kartik Thakur and many more are such instances of this manifestation of valour and courage which is an inherent human nature !
    I too dream of joining Indian Army..and not only dream, I’ll make it happen !


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