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What is an SPG Officer & How to Join SPG Security in India

The Defense Forces of India consists of many designations and posts that a candidate can apply to join the Indian Army. Among the most renowned and exceptional posts is of an SPG Officer. It is a powerful position and requires extreme features to be in this position. And today, we will share what an SPG Officer is and how you can join SPG security in India. 

Who is an SPG Officer?

Formed in the year 1988, SPG stands for the Special Protection Group and is a very significant position in the Security of India. It is a very professional and qualified organization that provides security to all the VIP persons in India. Usually, the VIPs are the present or former Prime Minister of India or their close family members who seek protection.

When the assassination of PM Indira Gandhi happened, the government felt the need to provide professional protection by a trained force to the former and present PMs of India. It also involves the protection of their immediate family members. 

The job of providing security to the VIPs was given to the local police, municipality and other army forces of India before the SPGs. But due to a lack of coordination and discipline, it shifted to SPGs later. 

The initial vacancies were 819 posts, and the director of the Special Protection Group was an IPS officer as Inspector General of Police. 

How to Join SPG Security in India? 

Candidates who want to join the SPG force of India must know that the organization does not select people through direct entry. And so, only the juniors and senior officers from the Indian Police Service (IPS), Border Security Force (BSF), Central Industrial Force (CIF) and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) can apply for this position.  

The critical thing to know about SPG is that the personnel in the group changes every year. No security officer can serve this organization for more than a year. After completing their serving period, the previous officers are sent back to their parent group. 

The Selection Process of an SPG Officer 

The selection process for this post is like others involving a PI round followed by a Physical Test and a Psychological Test. The PI round for every candidate is taken only by an IPS officer with the rank of an IG with two deputy IG and two assistant IG. Further, 6the candidate goes through written, physical, and psychological tests. 


After the interview selection, candidates go for three months as probation time. The probation period comes with weekly tests and examinations that a candidate has to pass. Those who fail to pass this period get another chance to prove themselves, and if they don’t qualify in the second take, the officers are sent back to their parent unit.  

Branches in Special Protection Group (SPG) 

The organization involves various branches for which officers are recruited based on their experience and expertise. There are 4 branches in SPG, as mentioned below: 

1. Operations 

The branch involves the primary protection duties. It involves sections like the communication wing, technical wing and transport wing. 

2. Training 

The section majorly involves training of personnel in firing, anti-sabotage checks and physical training. 

3. Intelligence and Tours 

This section handles threat assessments, verification of character and antecedents, internal intelligence related to personnel, tours and everything else. 

4. Administration 

It involves responsibilities related to procurements of the personnel and their legal terms throughout the service period.   

What are the Qualification Criteria to Join as an SPG Officer in India 

To join the SPG security in India, a candidate should be: 

  • A citizen of India 
  • He should not be more than 35 years 
  • Certification of Passing 12th Board from a recognized board.
  • He should be serving in given organizations- IPS, CRPF, BSF, and ITBP. 
  • The SPF officers get 50% of their basic pay as an allowance. 

An SPG officer’s primary duties involve managing the team and following procedures to protect the PM wherever he goes. The officer must go everywhere, whether it is a domestic tour or a foreign meeting. 

A detailed brief is given to the officers that involve even minor details like the no. of men to accompany the PM in his car, at the Dias or in public places. They also have to check who the PM is meeting with and whether they are allowed or not, and they also answer the phone calls to make a schedule for the PM and ask whom to meet or not. 

In short, SPG Security in India handles all the basic and daily-routine tasks for keeping the PM safe from outside threats. They form a ring or multiple rings around him in case of any attack with a sole mission to take the PM to a safe place. 

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