What is the Army School Admission Procedure in India?

Army Public Schools are those schools generally managed by the regional army command of the country. The main objective of army schools is to provide education to the children of the Indian armed forces personnel. And with this motto, more than 300 army schools are running in the country. As the largest school chain in India, it has the best administration and runs on the CBSE pattern of education. 

This article will share how you can apply for the Army School of India and the requirements. 

What is an Army School of India?

Army school was first established in the year 1938 and is managed by the AWES (Army Welfare Education Society). Presently, there are more than 130 army schools and 239 Army Pre Primary Schools across India. In addition, the organization has also established various institutions for higher education. 

This chain is the most-renowned school chain, and it aims to provide traits like discipline and leadership qualities and keep up your physical fitness. 

What Is Army School Procedure in India? 

To participate in the Army School of India, every student must follow a certain set of instructions. Here is the step-by-step procedure: 

1. The first step for getting into the army school of India is to take the admission form of the school you want to attend.  

2. Submit the application form along with all the documents attested to it. 

3. The school will schedule an interview along with other new students. Further, the results will be announced after 2-3 weeks of your test. 

4. A merit list is prepared for all the students depending upon the scores and other information. You can see the list on the school’s notice board only. 

5. The students who get into the merit list will be the one who gets admission into the army school. 

6. All you need to do now is pay the fee and do all the remaining formalities. 

Things To Know 

1. Firstly, students who are already a part of the army school do not need to give admission tests.

2. Those children who come with a promoted TC from another Army School can be admitted throughout the year.

3. Students from Army Schools have to give an Evaluation test so that the school can facilitate further allocation of sections and academic coaching given to them. 

4. Tests are compulsory for children coming to class on the 10th and 12th. 

5. There is no admission test for students from an Army School. 

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