What is the full form of ADGPI

There must be times when you have seen the official page of the Indian Army with the names within the name ADGPI Indian Army. And an obvious question comes to our mind: why do people use the ADGPI Indian Army instead of just the Indian Army. In this article, we will help you know what ADGPI is and the role of AGDPI in the Indian Army. 

What is AGDPI?

The full form of ADGPI stands for Additional Directorate General of Public Information. It comes under the Directorate General of Military Intelligence. The role of ADGPI is to deal with 

  • Public Relations activities, 
  • Info release, 
  • Image Projection,  
  • Media Relations and Monitoring, 
  • And Perception Management

Along with that, the significant role of this organization aims to establish conditions for maintaining confidence in the Army and promote readiness for conducting operations during the war and in peacetime. 

What are the Duties of ADGPI? 

An officer leads the Additional Directorate department with the rank of Major General and the Deputy Director-General’s assistance. Further, the Directorate is sectioned into two categories: 

  • Media Relations 
  • Information Operations 

The primary duties of the Additional Directorate of Public Information are to: 

1. Articulate the PR and PM policies of the Indian Army.

2. Manage the overall image of the administration and improve the reputation of the Indian Army. 

3. ADGPI is responsible for perception management during war and peace. 

4. Collecting and transferring information to VCOAS, COAS, DGMO, and DGMI regarding any important issue. 

5. Is also a Media and Perception Management Advisor to the COAS.

6. Is a spokesperson by the Army for any operation-related matters. 

7. They maintain and host the Indian Army Website (Official Portal).

8. Responsible for media relation management. 

9. They also implement and issue all the directives related to PM Policy and Army PR Policy. 

10. They keep track of Electronic, Print and Cyber Media. 

11. It manages the press release issues, updates & rebuttal, and rejoinders for the mass media and all the PR things. 

12. Manages communication with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Defense to plan Perception Management Policy. 

13. To be in touch with the GOC-in-C Commands.

14. They are the representative of the Indian Army in all the internal ministerial groups for the perception management. 

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