What is the Indian Army Promotion Policy [Time Scale Promotion]?

Like any other private institution and organization, the Indian Army has promotion policies for all the dedicated and hardworking officers and staff members. Based on their performance, service duration and achievements, the administration has specific promotion policies to appreciate and give recognition to their work. 

And here today, we will share with you the Indian Army Promotion Policy that you can see if you are an army officer looking for a promotion. 

What is the Indian Army Promotion Policy 

With a count of more than 1,237,117 active troops along with 960,000 reserve troops, India has the 4th largest army in the world. And with a huge number of officers in the troop, over one lakh officers apply for promotion every year within their respective fields like General Duty and other commissioned ranks. 

Here is the promotional policy for all the Commissioned Officers of the Indian Army: 

1. Field Marshal 

An emblem with a crossed baton, a lotus blossom wreath, and a sabre on the bottom.  

The Field Marshal is the army’s top rank in wartime or ceremonial. Only two officers named Field Marshal KM Cariappa and Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw have gotten the titles or status till now. 

2. Rank General 

Medal Insignia: A five-pointed star-shaped figure over a sabre and a crossed baton. 

The rank is the highest in the Indian Army apart from the post of Field Marshal- an honourable post that an officer gets.

General Manoj Pandey is the current General of Indian Army. And the retirement age for the same is 62 and above.  

3. Rank- Lieutenant General 

Badge: National emblem over a sabre and crossed baton. 

In the army, Lieutenant Generals are only appointed by a specific selection process ( after 36 years of service). And the person applying for this rank must hold the position of a Vice Chief of Army Commanders of Army Staff. 

The age of retirement for this position is 63 years. 

4. Major General 

A five-star with sabre and crossed baton.

An officer can only be selected for Major General if he has completed 32 years of commissioned service. 

The retirement age is 58 years. 

5. Rank- Brigadier 

A National Emblem with 3 Five-Pointed Stars in a shape of circular. 

Only after a period of 25 years as a commissioned officer-administration appoints Brigadier. 

The retirement age for Brigadier is 56 years. 

6. Rank – Colonel 

A National Emblem along with 2 Five-pointed Stars on the bottom. 

There are two ways through which Colonels are promoted: 

  • First, by selection after 15 years of service as a commissioned officer.
  • Secondly, after 26 years of commissioned service by an officer (Time Scale). But the Time Scale Colonel holds the position of a Lt. Colonel only.  

Retirement: After the age of 54. 

7. Rank- Lieutenant Colonel 

Badge with one Five-Pointed Star

An officer must complete a time-bound duration of 13 years of their entire commissioned service period.

8. Rank- Major 

Insigna: A National Emblem 

The time-bound promotion duration for promotion as a Major is 6 years of commissioned service.    

9. Rank-Captain 

The time duration for promotion as a Captain is 2 years. 

10. Rank- Lieutenant 

On getting commissioned as an officer in the Indian Army, you get promoted to Lieutenant. 

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