What’s the Difference between PARA and PARA SF?

Aspirants seeking a position in the Indian Army must be familiar with the difference between the positions and special forces. Deciding which team to get into and focusing on its requirements are essential to prepare yourself for the interview. The two most demanding positions in the army that aspirants admire are PARA and PARA SF. 

Most people think that PARA and PARA SF are the same, but the fact is not actual. Let’s find out the difference between the two before we make different judgments about the same.

What are PARA and PARA SF?

1. Para troopers are those special officers of the Indian Army who are often misinterpreted as the PARA Special Forces. Paratroopers are the only officers or soldiers who can further become a para commandos if they get an opportunity. And all they need to do is go through special training and prove their worth to the organization.

2. PARAs are divided into two entities, i.e. Paratroopers (airborne) and Paratroops SF (Special Forces). The Paratroops consist of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th and are not the special forces.

3. On the other hand, the PARA SF consists of 1 Para (SF), 2 Para (SF), 3 Para (SF), 9 Para (SF), 10 Para (SF), and 21sr Parachute. 

4. The first step to becoming a PARA SF in the Indian Army is to get into ParaTroopers (airborne) of Battalion 5,6, or 7. The process includes 3 to 6 months of rigorous physical training and only possesses less than a 30% chance to pass. 

Difference Between PARA and PARA SF

  • The PARA Battalion is called Shatrujeet, while the PARA SF Insignia is called Balidan. 
  • The PARA, on the one hand, has the control to hold ground for brief periods; the PARA SF, on the other hand, was capable of marking multiple targets hard and then moving to others. 
  • PARA Special Forces are the ones who are trained professionally to fight any unconventional warfare. 
  • While the Paratroopers are airborne soldiers trained as airborne infantry by building a way for the regular infantry by being PARA dropped behind every enemy line, Para Special Forces are deep inserted behind every enemy queue using modern aerial infiltration techniques like High Altitude low opening (HALO) and High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) using the support of advanced transport aircraft. 
  • The PARA SF soldiers are trained to carry cross border raids, targeted killing, capture intended targets, covert operations and many crucial missions.

We hope that now you have understood the major difference between PARA and PARA, SF will make a clear decision for you in the future. 

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