How Can I Join as a Sniper in Indian Army?

The Indian Army comprises many positions and designations that aspirants could consider as career options. Every post in the Defence Service comes with pride and power that attracts thousands of aspirants yearly to the army. One such post is for a sniper in the Indian Army.

Being in the army as a sniper is not everyone’s tea. You have the best talent, qualities, and knowledge to get the post. And to attain those qualities, every student has to go through the training that the Indian Army only provides at Army Ranges available in Secunderabad, Infantry School Mhow, and Bengaluru.

How Can I Join as a Sniper in the Indian Army?

1. To be a sniper in the Indian Army, the minimum qualification for every student to appear in the examination is mandatory. It applies to all other posts in the Indian Army.

2. A soldier needs to be in the infantry for training from any infantry school in Mhow under Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) after they join the army to get into a sniper unit. 

3. Not only is it important to achieve good marks before joining the Army Marksmanship Unit, but a good rank is also important.

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4. When a student scores good training scores throughout his training in the army, especially in shooting, they are more likely to get into a sniper unit.

5. Good eyesight is important, as a sniper should have a clear vision for setting clear targets while shooting. Per the norms, the ideal eyesight is 20/20 to be a sniper and should be able to differentiate between different colors.

6. It is really important for a sniper to be physically fit and have the strength to hold the sniper correctly. They must not have any bad smoking and drinking habits as they can affect a person’s intellectual skills.

7. A sniper should have proper knowledge of rifles and guns with all the important details in and out.

8. Volunteering in the Army Marksmanship Unit can be a good way to join the sniper team of the Indian Army. During that time, if you meet all the terms to be a good sniper, you are in the team already. 

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