Who Is Lieutenant General Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar?

It’s not easy for people to have this amount of degrees and qualifications in the Indian Army. But as there are always exceptions, we have one in the Armed Forces, and the name is Lieutenant General Dr Madhuri Kanitkar. Being a lady Army officer, Lieutenant General Madhuri Kanitkar has achieved something that one a few have been able to. Standing upfront in the dominating male society, Dr Kanitkar is truly an inspiration for all the female army officers. 

Who Is Lieutenant General Dr Madhuri Kanitkar?

1. Lieutenant Dr Madhuri comes from a family where her parents didn’t support her dream of becoming an Army Officer. Her parents wanted her to do medicine and made her take admission to the BJ Medical College, Pune. 

2. But as Dr Madhuri always dreamt for AFMC and finally confronted her parents. Eventually, her parents, but with the condition that they will not pay any bond money, and she has to join the armed forces. 

3. During her time at AFMC, she enjoyed every part of the training, including her medical training. Later on, when she went for military training in Lucknow, she trained on firing, marching and using weapons that made her feel happy.

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4. Lt. Gen. Madhuri met her future husband at AFMC only. Later on, they got married and gave birth to two children- Nikhil and Vibhuti. 

5. Dr Madhuri has many degrees that only a few might have- VSM, MBBS, MD (Pediatrics), DNB (Pediatrics), FIAP, Fellowship Pediatrics Nephrology, and Fellow Farmer.

6. Lt. Gen. Kanitkar has been posted in more than 12 states across the country, including Assam, Guwahati, and Arunachal Pradesh.

7. During her posting in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, she was the first war officer posted in such a rural area. The other troop officers offered her to stay in the main headquarters in the city. The officers didn’t want a lady officer to stay in a barrack. But, Dr Madhuri refused the same and said, “if I am posted here, I will stay with them. If tomorrow there’s a war, I’m going to go out with them.” 

8. There are many things that make Lt. Madhuri Kanitkar stand out in the crowd of thousands. Her determination and love for her country took her so far in her journey with confidence. She is truly an inspiration for all. 

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