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AFCAT 1 2018 Re-Exam Question Paper & Answer Key [Memory Based]

AFCAT 1 2018 Re-Exam was successfully conducted on 24th and 25th of March 2018 on different exam centres over the country. This time the CDAC conducted the exam without any technical issue. As a result, the AFCAT 1 2018 result is expected to be released in coming 15-20 days. With the successful completion of AFCAT Online Exam, the candidates have given data about the memory based questions which were asked in the exam. The memory-based Question paper of AFCAT 1 2018 Re-Exam which was held on 24th March 2018 seems to be quite simple. Here you are provided with the AFCAT (1) 2018 Supplementary Exam Question Paper along with AFCAT Exam Answer key.

AFCAT 1 2018 Re-Exam Question Paper & Answer Key

Question: Who Invented Fountain Pen?

Answer: Petrache Poenaru

Question: What is the size of Cricket Stump?

Answer: 28 inches

Question: Who minted the coin of Laxmi Type?

Answer: Mohammad Gauri

Question: Which country hosted Asian Games Maximum number of times?

Answer: Thailand

Question: Places of Buddha Enlightenment?

Answer: Bodhgaya

Question: What is the dance of Gujarat?

Answer: Garbha

Question: Tulsidas was contemporary of which Mughal Emperor?

Answer: Akbar

Question: Asian games 2018 will be held in which country?

Answer: Jakarta (Indonesia)

Question: FIFA World Cup 2018 venue?

Answer: Russia

Question: Indian Standard Time (IST) passes through?

Answer: Allahabad

Question: Gulf of Mannar is situated at?

Answer: Tamilnadu

Question: Main reason of Indian Monsoon?

Answer: Seasonal reversal of winds

Question: From which country, India brought transport aircraft?

Answer: United Stated of America (USA)

Question: India’s Youngest Grandmaster?

Answer: Parimarjan Negi

Question: Uber Cup is related to which game?

Answer: Badminton

Question: Term used for stamp collection?

Answer: Philately

Question: Mahatma Gandhi entered in politics from which movement?

Answer: Champaran Satyagraha

Question: Cricket Pitch length?

Answer: 22 yards

Question: ICC Headquarter is situated in?

Answer: Dubai (UAE)

Question: First Women wrestler to win commonwealth Medal?

Answer: Geeta Phogat.

Question: Yerevan is the capital of?

Answer: Armenia

Question: Hoober Shot is related to which sports?

Answer: Cricket

Question: Book “Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights” is written by?

Answer: Salman Rushdie

Question: Indian Economy (1950-1990)

Answer: Conservative

Question: Strait of Hormuz is situated in?

Answer: Persian Gulf

All these questions were asked at the AFCAT Online Exam which was conducted on 24th and 25th of March.

AFCAT 1 2018 Results Expected Date:

Indian Air Force with the support of CDAC, has successfully conducted the AFCAT Online Exam. Generally, IAF tool 15-20 days to release the results of AFCAT Written Exam. So, it is expected that the IAF and CDAC will collectively release the written results for AFCAT and EKT in mid-April.

But as the entire system is online, it will be more convenient for CDAC to release the result and hence, the results could be expected in coming days.

What After AFCAT 1 2018 Results:

After you made it in AFACT 1 2018 written results you will be notified to choose the SSB dates and venue. Once you opted for the SSB centre and dates as per your convenience, you need to attend the SSB with preparation and shoe your best to get recommended.

To get the SSB Preparation Tips for your upcoming SSB, stay connected with SSBToSuccess.

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