Meet Brigadier (Retd.) Kapil Mohan – Man Behind Old Monk Rum

Since Decades, Old Monk has been the status symbol of Indian Armed Forces. Not a single party can be every enjoyed without the presence of Old Monk Rum. But how many of you have ever thought of the person who builds this great idea of getting into the liquor industry and present a remarkable product to Indian Defence Forces. You will be amazed to know that late Retired Brigadier Kapil Mohan is the person who created Old Monk and made it an iconic brand among Defence personnel.

About Brigadier (retd.) Kapil Mohan:

Kapil Mohan was a retired Brigadier from Indian Army who completed his service in the Army and later worked in private sector for some years. After getting retirement from Indian Army, he joined Trade Links Private Limited as an MD. He also served as the Director of Arthos Breweries Limited, Mohan Rocky Spring Breweries Limited, Sagar Sugar & Allied Products Limited, RRB energy Limited and Solchrome Systems India Limited. Kapil Mohan is setup the Mohan Meakin Company in 1973 when his brother met with an unexpected death.

During his military service, Brigadier Kapil Mohan was honored with Vishisht Seva Medal. In 2010, Brigadier (retd) Kapil Mohan was honored with Padma Shri. Padma Shri is the country’s fourth highest Indian Civilian award.

About Kapil Mohan Personal Life:

Brigadier Kapil Mohan family comprised his wife Pushpa Mohan and a daughter Seema Bakshi, who was married to Rakesh Bakshi. In the last days of his life, Kapil Mohan used to stay unwell that made him weak with the passage of time. On 6th January 2018, Kapil Mohan died of cardiac arrest.

The Reality of Old Monk Founder:

The resources over Internet say that Brigadier Kapil Mohan was the founder of Old Monk Rum in India. But the iconic rum of India was launched by his father Narendra Nath Mohan in the year 1954. Later his brother Colonel Ved Ratan Mohan brings it to prominence among the people. After that Brigadier Kapil Mohan holds the company in 1969 and makes it recognised in India and builds the largest selling rum of India.

Till 2012, the iconic Old Monk was termed to be the number 1 rum in India but later it was over ranked by McDowell’s Celebration Rum, manufactured by USL.

Symbol of Old Monk Rum:

If you have seen the sticker of Old Monk Rum, you will see the face of a tubby man. The face is supposed to be of HG Meakin. The name Old Monk was given to this brand as a tribute to those holy men who lived their life in simplicity and silence.

During his initial days, Mohan was highly fascinated by the short neck crinkled bottle of Old Parr Scotch whiskey which he adopted for his Old Monk rum too. However this created court level controversies. But later the two companies agreed to use the same bottle shape where English brand will use the dark-hued bottle while Old Monk will use the transparent bottle.

Everyone has a bad time in their life, but what matters is a good time that lets you collect enormous memories. And in the case of Kapil Mohan’s Old Monk rum, his contribution to the society will always be remembered and recalled throughout the coming decades.

We Salute Brigadier Kapil Mohan and Colonel VR Mohan.



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