Inspirational Story of Captain Raghu Raman Will Make You Feel Proud

Captain Raghu Raman is one of the most famous personalities in India who has not only inspired the youth of the nation to join Indian Army but has also helped the private sector to boom in the IT industry. Starting his career as Captain in the Indian Army, he moved to the Corporate sector to enhance his professional skills and serve the country from either aspect. Raghu Raman joined Indian Army in 1986 and was commissioned from Indian Military Academy.

Here is the inspirational story of Captain Raghu Raman that will inspire you and make you feel Proud.

Captain Raghu Raman Education:

Raghu Raman completed his schooling from DTEA, New Delhi. Being from a commerce background, he pursued his graduation from Sri Venkateswara College. He completed his BCom in 1985. Simultaneously he appeared for the CDS exam to join Indian Army. He cleared the Exam and later cleared the SSB Interview to join the Indian Military Academy as a Gentleman Cadet.

Captain Raghu Raman Professional Career:

Raghu Raman has served in multiple industries but he learned all the required skills from Indian Army. Here is the gist of his professional life:

Captain in Indian Army: Captain Raghu joined Indian Army in 1986 and served there till 1998. He joined Indian Military Academy and was commissioned as Captain in the Indian Army. During his military career, he was posted in Punjab during counter-terrorism operations. He has also experienced the life at Siachen Glacier. Later he served as a UN Peace Keeper in Angola and Instructor in School of Armored Welfare.

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Director of IT (Mahindra): After he served the Indian Army for around 12 years, he entered the private sector and joined Mahindra as a Director of IT. Being a part of a startup team, he was given the responsibility of all IT and technology related communications.

CEO of FirstChoice: To take the company at a next level, Captain Raghu Raman was made the CEO of FirstChoice which is a Mahindra Group company. During his professional career till November 2009, Captain Raghu lead different companies of Mahinda group as a CEO and presented the remarkable performance.

CEO at National Intelligence Grid (Govt of India): He was later given charge of starting a project for which Indian Government invested more than 3000 Crores. He was having direct reporting to Union Home Secretary and Union Home Minister of India.

President at Reliance Industries Limited: Currently Captain Raghu (Nov 2014-Till) is working as the President at Reliance Industries Limited. He is handling the Risk, Security and new ventures being developed within the Reliance Group.

Captain Raghu Raman Book:

Captain Raghu has written his experiences in his Book “Everyman’s War”. Being an expert in security and terrorism, Raghu presented the issues of raising terror attacks, internal security, the safety of women in a very narrative manner. He has even made many historical examples in the book to add potential to the book. In the book, he has tried his best to make every citizen of the country understand their role in building a safe and terror-free country.

Captain Raghu Raman Facebook:

Being a popular personality, there are countless pages created on behalf of Captain Raghu. All those pages are created to impersonate his identity and use his popularity to make their content viral. However, there is a Facebook Page (@captraman1) that seems to be the authentic page of Raghu Raman. No proof of its authenticity is available, but the information provided on the Facebook page is completely authentic.

Captain Raghu Raman TED Videos:

You will find countless Capt Raghu Raman YouTube videos that are highly inspiring and motivational for the listeners. All the videos of Raghu Raman have brought Goosebumps to the audience and even most of you would experience the same. Raghu Raman is invited to versatile events encompassing a motivational speech. Once you listen to his energetic speech, you will stick to your chairs till the speech ends. Captain Raghu Raman is one such person who still possesses the discipline and leadership learned during his training period. Here is one of the motivational speeches by Captain Raghu.
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  1. Hello Capain Raghu,
    warm Greetings to you from Suresh.I salute you for your accomplishments.i viewed your videos and
    heard it with apt attention.It provides me great energy,boost and a lot of motivations.Wish you a robust
    health,joy,familial bliss,peace and fulfilment in work.Your contribution in Nation building is commendable.Thanks.
    wit h deep regards,


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