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From Officers’ Mess to Footpath – Indian Army Captain Living on Footpath [VIDEO]

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Every ex-NDA cadet always dreams of a pleasant and peaceful life with a regular pension in his bank account along with the military facilities that an Army Officer actually deserves. But for Captain Ravindra Kumar Bali, this was only a dream.

What do you expect to be the address of an Ex-NDA cadet after serving in the Indian Army? Well, most of you will undoubtedly think of a Bungalow in a well-established posh area. But the current address of Captain Ravindra Kumar Bali is the footpath, next to officers’ mess in Pune Cantt. He has been living there for the last five years. He is resisting the nature by living under a plastic sheet that tries to shield him from the top and an old mattress that tends to offer him a comfortable sleep.

Seems Weird!

Well, this is the story of the ex-NDA cadet, Captain Ravindra Bali, who served the motherland for limited tenure but is now having the battle for his own survival. Let’s take a tour of his life.

Life of Captain Ravindra Kumar Bali

Ravindra Bali was born in Kota, Rajasthan. He was the son from the second marriage of a Police Officer. He was passionate to join defense Forces. Hence after completing his school, he applied for NDA. This was the only time when his fortune supported him. He was recommended and was shortlisted as a Gentlemen cadet at NDA Khadakwasla, Pune in June 1970. After undergoing 4 years of vigorous training at NDA, he invested four more years at College of Engineering (CME), Pune. After he was done with his training, he was posted at Hussainiwala border Museum, Ferozepur district.

He was serving his duties in the Indian Army, but the repeated letters from his parents were adding discomfort in his life. His parents were evicted by his six step-siblings, from the first marriage of his father. So, to tackle the situation, he rushed to his parents and tried to resolve the situation. It was hard for him to choose from his parents and his job, but he finally selected to take care of his parents and resigned in 1988. This was the start of dark days in his life.

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Whatever he earned during the service in the Indian Army, was totally invested in the healthcare of his parents. But again, fate moves against him. He lost his parents after three years of his resignation from Indian Army.  Being a long time without marriage, he decided to be single.

Soon after his parents’ death, the battle for the ancestral home continues. But, his step-siblings evicted him. He approached for the legal format, but with the continuous delays, he decided to get out of this and hence he shifted to Prabhas Patan, near Somnath Temple, Gujarat.

He started a small business of dry fish with the help of local people. But whatever he earned was directly invested to keep the business in existence. All his investment gets into veins and he was unable to continue the business after 10 years of continuous trials.

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After that, Captain Ravindra Kumar Bali approached his old friends and joined a BPO company in Kalyani Nagar. He purchased a 1-BHK flat in Wagholi through a home loan. Now, it looks like he reached a stability level in his life after a long time. But not for long! The unit he was working in was closed and he again becomes jobless. Bank auctioned his home and delivered only 2 lakh rupees to him.

Now, due to old age, he was unable to pursue any stable job, so he used all his saving for the survival. But he NEVER GIVE UP.

He moved to Kerala in 2013 in search of another job. But, fate again hit him hard. On a heavy rainy day, all his documents were washed away, making him the person without any identity. So, he felt that its nothing left in Kerala and he moved to Pune. Since the day he reached Pune, he started living on the footpath.

Captain Ravindra Kumar Bali explained his survival as “With the God’s wish I have still survived. The locals are providing me with food and water. In case of heavy rain, I take shelter under porches of nearby bungalows. People give me alms considering my old age and fluency in English. I spend my entire day reading all kinds of English newspapers.

Final Verdict: Captain Ravindra Bali has never joined any beggars’ home or an old-age home. Whatever he got, he is happy with that. He only blames his destiny and some wrong decisions, he took in his life for his current situation.

He said…

“I want to die on this footpath with this destiny,”

Source: PuneMirror

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Sameer November 2, 2017 - 9:56 am

Please get in touch with Capt Bali immedialtely. He was very recently kidnapped by 4 people and taken to Shiroli and kept in a room locked for 20 days. Somehow he escaped took a ride back and informed the Lashkar police stn. This could be a case of kidnapping for organ or something more sinister. This needs more investigation.


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