How To Practice To Pass Screening Test In SSB [PPDT]

SSB screening is an integral part of the SSB, and here you have to prove yourself or leave a mark to show that you are a potent officer and are capable of full SSB. From the time of applying for any of the exams, it is essential to be fully prepared for all further steps. 

What is Screening Test in SSB?

After passing the written exam candidate is all set to face the SSB, and the first day of it’s is screening. The candidate gets the chance to show their skill the other 4-5 days. Before that, screening should be passed by giving them the best from you. SSB consist of 2 stages where the first stage is screening, and the second one has three crucial tests:

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Based on your intelligence tests, screening can be passed, and off course, this is the difficult test because here, the competition level is quite high. For many of the candidates who got screened out much time, this stage of SSB is quite difficult, so here are some of the tips to get prepared for the screening test in SSB.

How to Pass Screening Test (PPDT) in SSB

The first day of the SSB is your screening test, where the candidate has to attempt the questions. OIR (Officers Intelligent Test), picture perception, and discussion test. OIR where the verbal and non-verbal questions are asked, which is not difficult to crack, there is no negative marking, so the candidate should try to attempt all. PPDT, which is Picture Perception and Discussion Test are very important as based on this, candidates are selected for the next level or the next phase. 

Tips to Pass Screening Round in SSB

Before going for any tips and tricks, always remember that there is a time limit, and if they say 15 minutes, then take it as 10 minutes. No negative marking and no one will stop you until the time given to you. 

Tips While Narrating PPDT Story:

  • Narrate your story confidently and in a straightforward way so that everyone understands it. Your voice should be clear and narrate without stopping you within the time given.
  • Never focus or look at the officer while narrating the story.
  • Never go for arguing with others but give your ideas and views. 
  • Your body language should be like that, which reflects you as a confident candidate.
  • Be cool and help others if needed, and in the end, keep smiling and have the confident walk. 

Tips While Writing PPDT Story:

  • Observe the picture and check out all the essential points that you are going to write in your story.
  • Write a good story which matches with the picture given.
  • Use the names proper, not the common ones like MOHAN or SOHAN. Use your friend’s name instead.
  • Choosing a good name for the character makes your story, give a happy ending, and avoid reward systems. Candidates sometimes go for the plan kinds of things, so be simple and practical.
  • 15 minutes are given, so be careful and proactive to complete your story in time.

It is vital to pass the screening test if you want to move to the next level of the SSB. Psychology Test, GTO (Group Discussion Test), and Personal Interview are the further steps you have to face after passing screening round in SSB. Practicing for the screening test can be done by the previous papers and regular practice to fight against the time limit conditions. Be confident and have the rule never quit. 

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