7 Hacks to Crack SSB Interview Psychology Test

For many of the freshers, Psychology test in SSB is the toughest exam which they want to crack and get recommended. The performance of a candidate is never known in a psychology test and even you are not aware of others performance. During the SSB Interview, you can only judge other candidates during PPDT and GTO Task. During your Personal Interview (PI) and Psychology test, you can only perform and expect it to be good from your end.

But as most of you are always tensed about your psychology test, here are some beneficial hacks that will help you crack SSB interview Psychology test.

1. Build Your Aggressive Psychology

Whatever you will write during the Psychology test will be totally based on your personality. Most of the candidates nowadays undergo coaching that transforms their personality for a while. But assessors can easily judge them and hence their coaching becomes the reason for their rejection. So, focus on building your own psychology similar to an officer.

2. Be What You Are (Don’t try to bluff)

As the craze of joining Defence Forces is increasing, the number of applications are also increasing with each entry. This has increased the competition and to breach the competition, most of the candidate undergoes SSB Coaching. SSB Coaching is majorly established to sharpen your personality and let you understand yourself. But many SSB Coaching Institutes in India transform the actual personality of the candidate. Because of that, SSB Candidate starts to make a bluff of fake personality which can be easily examined by the interviewer at SSB Centre.

3. Avoid Using Tough Words

Most of the time candidates are trained to use expensive words in order to make an impact on the Psychologist. But in reality, the psychology is just a test that judges your mental conditions. Use of tough words can never help you in your selection. Instead of using such complex words, you should focus on writing simple English that can be easily read by the Psychologist.

4. Write, Keeping OLQ’s in mind

Whenever you are instructed to write the Psychology test, you should always have the OLQ’s in your mind. During the psychology test, your personality, your content and the OLQ’s are matched that helps the psychologies to know where you are the best fit for the entry or not.  There are 15 OLQ’s that you should always keep in mind and prepare the stories that depict the OLQ’s.

5. Don’t Present Sci-Fi World in Your Test

The psychology test is majorly held to acknowledge your mental persona. It is conducted to check your psych and mental ability. But in order to showcase their excellence, many candidates take the test to the Sci-Fi world. While writing for the Psychology test, you should build OK level stories that you can justify. Writing on Sci-Fi is totally imaginary.

6. Maintain good Handwriting (Not much Important)

Well, your handwriting doesn’t build a big impact on the assessors, but with a good handwriting, you compel the assessor to write whatever you have written. The use of good handwriting is made to let the assessor attend your Psych copy thoroughly. You can practice weeks before you go for the SSB if you want to improve your handwriting.

7. Be Patient During Exam

While you are writing in the Psychology Exam, you should have patience and give each and every test calmly. As you are given limited time in TAT, WAT, SD, and SRT, you are always in a hurry to cover maximum pointers and score well in the test. But here, the count is never a judgment factor. Instead, your response is more important that showcase your mentality and psychology that the examiner is actually looking for.

So, how many of you have already made use of these tricks?

What more recommendations do you have for your fresher friends? Share your ideas and opinion in the comment section below.

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