Common mistakes in SRT (Situation Reaction Test) [Tips to Deal With Them]

SRT stands for Situation Reaction Test, one of the most difficult tests a candidate must pass to crack the SSB interview for Defence Forces. SRT test requires a set of both intellectual and analytical abilities as it comes under one of the psychological tests of SSB. If you are one of those candidates planning to join the Indian Defence Services or Armed Forces, this article is for you.

During the time of the SSB interview, there are quite common mistakes that can happen with any candidate due to nervousness or confusion which might affect their performance. We will share the most common mistakes that might happen to you in the SRT test and how you can deal with them. Let’s start. 

What is a Situation Reaction Test?

SRT stands for Situation Reaction Test, a very important test to clear the 5-Day SSB interview. It is the third test after TAT and WAT in the psychological tests. The test involves some day-to-day life problems that a person might encounter and must deal with the problems given at the moment.

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In this test, each candidate gets a booklet of 60 situations with a blank. Every student has to give answers to all the questions in 30 minutes. It means that every question will take 30 seconds to solve. 

Situation Tests Examples With Common Mistakes Done by the Candidates 

1. On his way home, it suddenly started raining heavily.

Mistake: Instead of mentioning heavy rain, you can say that he is returning to his home. Heavy rain is not worth mentioning as it does not impact the person adversely.

2. In his train compartment, two gunmen force passengers to give up their belongings.

Mistake: It is possible that the policemen were there to complete their duty and checked the luggage for safety purposes. It is not possible that 2 people cannot take up the entire train without help. 

3. During a trekking trip, he was alone in the jungle.

Mistake: Everyone has their mobile phones with them all the time. And there are enough signals to track the location or call someone in the jungle. So, being left alone will not mark any big problem. 

4. He saw his girlfriend walking with another person on his way.

Mistake: A person can be male and female friends she’s walking with on the road. It is on you how you perceive it. 

5. He was playing outdoors, and his brother got seriously injured, and it started to rain heavily.

Mistake: At any point, the person can take his brother to the hospital in a car. If he doesn’t have one, he could ask his neighbors for help to take care of him. But, make sure that you use “Injured Brother” to show your communication skills. 

We hope that you have a basic idea of what mistakes can happen and how to overcome them to get better scores on your SRT test. We wish all the candidates the Best Of Luck in the future. 

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