What is Borderline Case in SSB Interview

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SSB stands for Service Selection Board, the 5-day selection process a candidate must clear to enter into the Defense forces of India. After clearing the written examination like NDA or CDS, candidates are shortlisted for the SSB round based on their marks. 

As this interview holds a very significant part in getting into the Indian Defence Force, the candidate is judged on many parameters and qualities like analytical skills, OLQ skills, leadership, thinking, and communication skills as well. But even after that, some candidates only lose the opportunity by a margin. And this comes under the Borderline case in the SSB interview.

What is a Borderline Case in SSB?

A Borderline Case is a scenario in which a candidate’s performance comes exactly on the borderline of getting selected or not selected in the SSB interview round. SSB ends with the final round, i.e., the Personal Interview. 

In this round, the candidates must answer all the questions with utmost sincerity and confidence. The borderline case is a do-or-die situation, as their selection majorly depends on this round. 

The candidate is asked questions like “What If You Are Not Selected,” “If You Miss Your Chance, What Will Be Your Next Step” and other disturbing questions to check your mentality. And while this Personal Interview covers 5 minutes for other candidates, it can go for 25 to 30 minutes for other borderline candidates. 

The important thing we would say for the borderline candidate is to keep up the confidence while going for the final interview and answer every question wisely. 

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