Indian Air Force Mig 27 Crash in Sirohi, Rajasthan – Pilot Ejected Safely [Images Inside]

An Indian Air Force MiG 27 Crash took place near Sirohi in Rajasthan. In this crash, the Pilot managed to eject safely. The fighter jet was on a routine mission from Jodhpur which experienced an engine malfunction that resulted in an unexpected crash.

However, as soon as the technical problem occurred in the jet plane, Pilot managed to eject safely. The accident took place at around 2345 hours on Sunday.

Talking to the media, Indian Air Force provided the statement that  “Today morning at around 11.45 a MiG-27 UPG aircraft which got airborne from Utarlai Air Force base experienced engine problems leading to a crash, around 120 km south of Jodhpur. The pilot ejected safely,”

Followed by MiF 27 crash, a Court of Inquiry has been setup to investigate the actual cause of accident.

In this MiG-27 Crash, no causality has been reported by the Indian Air Force.

Mig 27 Crash Images

MiG 21 Crash in Bikaner on 8th March:

Similar to this incident, a MiG 21 Crash near Bikaner also took place on 8th of March, this year. Similar to this incident, the plane was on a routine mission. According to the initial investigation, it was found that bird collision was the root cause of the accident.

However, the final report has not yet been released by the Indian Air Force.

Mig-21 Crash in Kangra on 18th July 2018:

Before MiG 21 crash in Bikaner, a MiG 21 crash also took place in Kangra where we lost the life of our Pilot.  In this MiG 21 Crash, Sqn Ldr Meet Kumar lost his life.

During the routine sortie, IAF Squadron Leader Meet Kumar lost his contact with the Indian Air Force base. The plane was about to crash in a village, but Sqn Ldr Meet Kumar, as a symbol of bravery, managed to take the place on a clear location, saving the lives of villagers. But in order to save the life of villagers, he lost his own life.

The Mig-21 took off from Pathankot air base which lost contact on during the routine sortie and resulted in a crash. Here also, no civilian causality was reported, however, the pilot lost his life in the crash.

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