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Indian Army Rescued 200 people in Arunachal Pradesh

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Indian army always stands ahead when the nation comes in the problem. The duty of Indian army is not only to shield the nation form the external aggression, but also to support the nation in the time of calamity when no other authority is capable enough to claim the rescue operation.

IN a recent cordial action taken by the army in Bhalukpong, Arunachal Pradesh, a team of army rescued around 200 people from the landslide area, who were stuck in their vehicles due to the landslide. After the army was informed about the incident, a company commander, with the medical officer, 2 JCOs, and 20 other ranks were immediately ordered to catch up the operation. The people were stranded in the landslide for 7 hours and army reached the spot at 9 am in the morning. As the army reached, the action was immediately taken and people including about 70 women and 50 children were rescued from the site. The rescue operation was concluded at 11 am and proper medication was given to those who required it and the food was also given to them. The safe evacuation of the people was completed and border road organisation has taken the work of clearing the road on the swing.

As per the sources, the rescue operation was conducted at the verbal request of the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Bomdila after the 70 vehicles were reported stuck in the landslide. The incident was reported to have taken place at around 18 June 8 pm due to 2 landslides. The exact spot of the landslide was reported to be some 7 Km away from Bhalukpong toward Sessa.

Previously, in a deadly landslide that took place in Bhalukpong, about 5 people were reported killed and several others were injured. At that incident, EAC carried out the rescue operation along with the police. The area is termed as the flash flood and landslide prone area where 10 people were washed away in the flash flood in Mizoram and about 5 people were killed in the heavy landslide caused by heavy rain.

Not just this, the Indian army has conducted several such operations in the flood, storm and earthquake struck areas. The Utarakhand flood, Hudhud rescue operation, Nepal earthquake rescue operation and several others were successfully conducted by the army in order to safeguard the nationals. The actions of Indian army saved several lives and channelised the respect in the citizens.

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