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Interesting Facts About Lieutenant Balwan Singh – The Tiger Of Tiger Hill

The Indian army is filled with superheroes who not just give their whole life to serve the nation but also set marks for all the future candidates who want to serve the nation. A tale of bravery and courage- Lieutenant Balwan Singh’s story will make you know his love for his country. It’s not just a story of courage but also of survival. The story of the hero who not only fought in the Kargil War but left a mark on everyone’s heart. 

The highest gallantry award winner of the country- the Maha Vir Chakra, for his role in the Tiger Hill as part of the “Ghatak Assault” team. The famous movie- LOC Kargil portrays the role of Lt Balwan Singh, played by Akshay Khanna. 

The Recapture of Tiger Hill and Operation Vijay 

Unlike other operations, Operation Vijay consists of a complicated mission including several teams and higher authorities to recapture Tiger Hill. Tiger Hill was a snow-capped cliff occupied by the enemy that the Indian army wanted to win over.  

1. Lt Balwan Singh- a 25-year-old commissioned officer who was also one of the turning points of the operation Vijay. 

2. The idea was to bring down the enemy by reaching from an unexpected side by surprise. So, approaching the 30 enemies in battle positions, Lt Balwan Singh was standing in front of the troop who took bullets on his left arm and leg. 

3. Always having leadership qualities, Lt Singh has qualities of an army officer from his father only. He grew up listening to the tales of the army from his father- Shobha Chand, which made him dream of being an army officer since childhood. 

4. And that’s the reason why when he came back to his village after the Kargil War in the Jhajjar District in Haryana, the entire town was there to welcome him like he was a hero. He didn’t know the time they achieved triumph and what significance it would hold in future; all he felt was the happiness of the victory.

5. During the bloodshed, he was the only person who led the entire troop and gave an aggressive gun battle to the enemies. He battled in hand to hand combat till the time the troop achieved victory. 

6. After the victory, Lieutenant Balwan Singh set the tricolour on the cliff of Tiger Cliff on 2nd July 1999.  

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