Easy Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence in SSB

Confidence is the most important quality that helps in turning a person into a tough leader. The leadership quality is related to the confidence level coupled with the some other qualities like mental stamina, handling power, logical approach etc. But self confidence still remains ahead of them all. SSB panel checks the entire bunch of the qualities possessed by the candidates through the 5 day interview schedule.

Here also confidence level is observed in the candidates and the most common way to check the confidence level is to check the ability of the candidates how well they speak out in front of the IO and the group of his subordinates. Some tips are mentioned below that will help you in picking up the correct level of confidence in the SSB.

Focus on Your Aim beyond Your Task

The aim that you are approaching should circulate in your mind. You have to perform in the sequence that will lead you to your target. Plan for it and do as per your prepared strategy.

Take A Deep Breath

Taking deep breath and doing some relaxing activities in waiting room can take down your anxiety level and will help you in thrusting up your confidence level.

Thing of the Outcome of Your Confident Acts

The outcomes that you want to target should always revolve around your mind and the strategy to be followed is to be kept clear to make very step adjusted and on the planed point.

Prepare For A Better Starting Of The Interview

First impression is the last impression. A candidate has to make a banging beginning in the interview to keep the interview in a smooth, energized and confident route. Stay aware of the causal introductory questions and keep yourself balanced to answer them perfectly. This will generate confidence in yourself.

You Will Do It

Always keep a thought in your mind that you will do it. Cut out the distance between “You can” and “You will”.  If others can do it, so can you. You are totally responsible for your acts. So keep calm and focus on the current situation.

Tangle All Thoughts

It is the most common problem that the candidates face these days. Candidates have untangled thoughts. To make the thoughts tangles, try to accelerate your mind and observe the activities around you. Make sure that whatever you do, you keep your entire mind involved in it. The more you gear up your mind the more you find the ways to get a tangled and clear thoughts.

Always Remember

  • Speaking loudly is not confidence
  • Always staying ahead and offering chance to others is not confidence
  • Stubborn nature is not the confidence


The level of confidence resides on how effectively you represent yourself and your thoughts in front of others and how better you respond to the activities around you. The above points will make the confidence level up in the time when you need to perform well and give your best among the other candidates. The best way to level up your confidence is to keep yourself relaxed and eradicate the worm of hesitation from your mind. Don’t be afraid form doing mistakes rather learn from your mistakes.


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