Major General VD Dogra Becomes 1st General in World to Earn ‘Ironman Triathlon’ Title

Major General VD Dogra has made history and becomes the first serving Indian Army officer to complete Ironman competition, held at Austria. With this, Major General VD Dogra also becomes the first General over the globe to complete the competition. Against the given time of 17 hours, Maj Gen VD Dogra completed the task in 14 hours and 21 minutes.

Giving a statement on the victory of Maj Gen ND Dogra, Army spokesperson Col Aman Anand said: “He is the only serving army officer from the Indian Army to have done a full Ironman and the only General across the globe to have done so,”.

According to the Rankings given by the official website of Ironman Triathlon, Maj Gen Dogra was ranked 2065 with total points of 1963. He participated in the race under 45-49 category.

Major General completes Ironman Triathlon

About Ironman Triathalon Competition:

Ironman competition is considered to be the toughest one-day sports event played in the entire world. There are basically three activities conducted under this competition.

  • Activity 1: 3.8 Km of Swimming
  • Activity 2: 180 Km of Cycling
  • Activity 3: 42.2 Km of running (a Complete Marathon)

The participants are given 17 hours to complete the task and earn the title of Ironman.

History of Ironman Triathlon Competition:

This sport started in the in 1978 when US Naval Commander John Collins and his wife declared an open challenge that comprises of three activities i.e. 24-mile swim race, 112-mile bike race and 26.2-mile marathon. To take this challenge, on 18th February 1978, total 15 competitions including Collins reached Waikiki.

About Major General VD Dogra:

Major Gen Dogra is an Indian Army Officer of 1981 batch. He joined National Defence Academy and was honored with Sword of Honor. He also earned the gold medal during his training at NDA. He was commissioned in the Poona Horse Regiment.

To participate in the Ironman Triathlon, he was practicing for the last one year after working hours and on weekends. Talking about the skills of Maj Gen Dogra, other Indian Army officers stated that he has been an avid sportsperson throughout his life. He started cycling about 5 years ago and he cycled Leh to Chandigarh, covering a distance of 800 km in 8 days. Apart from this, he also did cycling in different locations including:

  • Jodhpur to Jaisalmer
  • Sela Pass to Bumla Pass in Arunachal Pradesh
  • Akhnoor to Rajouri in J&K

Major Gen has participated in numerous other events including Sprint category (500 meters swimming, 20 km cycling and 5 km running), the Olympic category (1500 meters swimming, 40 km cycling, 10 km running), the half Ironman and now the full Ironman.


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