What is Air Force Technical College – AFTC

Jai Hind! Defence lovers, the Indian Air Force are on number fourth amongst the Air Force globally, and it is an air arm of the Indian Armed forces. Indian Airforce’s primary mission is to secure Indian airspace and to conduct aerial warfare during armed conflict. Indian Air Force has various institutions where they train their young boys and make them men. In this article, we will talk about one of the premier institutions of the Indian Air Force, i.e., Air force Technical College.

About Air Force Technical College (AFTC)

AFTC was established on 4 July 1949 located at Jalahalli, Bangalore in Karnataka. In the beginning, the staff was from the Royal Air Force (RAF); after a few years means on 6 July 1956, the name of the institute was changed to Air Force Technical College. In this college, technical branch officers of the Indian Air Force are trained in military aviation technology and associated fields. The Group Captain NJ Kriplani was the first Indian Commandant of the college.

Training in AFTC

The Technical officers are trained in two phases; initially, the officers go through 22 weeks in AFA (Air force Academy), and then the next phase of training is in AFTC divided into two terms of 24 weeks each. The candidates are trained in understanding the Radars, Aircraft Systems, Communication devices, Weapon Systems, and other technical details. The training module of cadets is designed to give both theoretical as well as practical knowledge about aircraft.

The AFTC also trains the technical officers and cadets from Army, Navy, HAL, DRDO, and other services. The cadets of friendly Nation and civil aviation cadets are also trained in AFTC. After completion of training, the cadets are graduated from AFTC (Air Force Technical College) and commissioned as Flying Officers. The cadets join their respective units for further advanced hands-on training, and these cadets serve their Nation as technical officers.

AFTC College Crest and Moto

AFTC College Crest: Mechanical gear and emanating electrical waves superimposed by torch-bearing an eternal flame.

The Indian President approved the crest of the college on 8 Aug 1962; the crest is the symbol of the flame of knowledge that gives rise to the fraternity of mechanical and electronics professionals engaged in the pursuit of excellence in aeronautical engineering.

The Motto:Gyanen Shobhamahe‘ means ‘knowledge through which we find pride in ourselves.

The AFTC College was awarded ‘Presidential Colors‘ on 12 Nov 2008. AFTC has trained over 7990 potential officers and not only officers also the eminent engineers and scientists of HAL, but DRDO also has their initiation in AFTC.

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