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How to Prepare For CDS 1 2018 with Simple But Effective Study Plan

The CDS 2018 (I) Notification has already been released and aspirants are looking for CDS 1 2018 Preparation Tips. The CDS (I) will be held on 4th February 2017, that means you have limited time to prepare your subjects and ensure healthy marks to crack CDS Exam. In the limited tenure of 2 months (60 days), you need a tricky study plan for CDS Preparation that can help you cover all the subjects.

The Conduction of CDS Exam includes three tests i.e. English, General Knowledge, and Mathematics. The mathematics exam is compulsory for AFA, INA and IMA aspirants. For candidates who have applied for OTA, mathematics is not a mandatory exam.

Analysis of Previous CDS Exam Pattern:

Most of the candidates start their preparation with an over of previous year papers and understand the exam pattern. It’s important to follow this preparation approach for CDS 1 2018 and track the question format from previous year CDS papers. Below is the descriptive analysis of previous year CDS Papers.

CDS Previous Year English Exam Pattern:

The CDS English Exam is always a bit hard for most of the defence aspirants as the level of English Exam increases every year. The level of exam increases to filter the eligible candidates from a bulky list of shortlisted candidates. Since last few years, the English Exam Pattern easily depicts that the exam contains the collective questions from previous year CDS Papers along with the new bunch of antonyms and synonyms. It’s important to cover the Error Detection, Antonyms, Synonyms wisely as their level is always above expectations and is tricky too. Else, you will find CDS English paper soothing.

CDS Previous Year English General Knowledge Pattern:

The CDS General Knowledge Exam level has also increased a bit in comparison to previous year papers. Under the current CDS GK Exam format, the questions are asked in tricky format. So shallow reading of the syllabus will never help you anymore. The details and thorough reading of the CDS Syllabus will help you crack the CDS General Knowledge Exam. Else, the syllabus is same and so is the exam pattern.

CDS Previous Year English Mathematics Pattern:

The CDS Mathematics Exam is the only section where most of the defence aspirants take a deep breath. The Mathematics Exam pattern has remained still when compared with previous year CDS Papers. The CDS Maths Exam is always conducted with 10th level mathematics questions. So, it’s the easiest exact among all three CDS Exam where you can easily score high numbers and ensure your selection for SSB Interview.

Download CDS Previous Year Question Papers

CDS 1 2018 Notification Details:

The official Notification for CDS 1 2018 was released on 8th November 2017 for which the last date was 4th December. All the eligible candidates were required to submit the online applications with all the required information in the form. Any misleading or wrong information in the form could reject their application.

Below are essential dates that will help you track the tenure of CDS 2018 and plan your preparation accordingly.

  • Official Notification Released on: 8th November 2017
  • Last Date of Online registration for CDS 1 2018: 4th December 2017 (till 6 PM)
  • Exam will be Held on: 4th February 2017
  • Type of Commission: Permanent Commission
  • Training will be Held in: Indian Military Academy (IMA)
  • Training will Commence from: January 2019

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Subject Wise Study Plan for CDS 1 2018

All the three subjects for CDS Exam needs separate preparation plan. So, below is the study plan for CDS Exam that most of the aspirants must follow.

Study Plan to Crack CDS English Exam

As English is one such subject that has not a limitation in terms of question possibility. For most of the CDS aspirants, Grammar and Vocabulary is a big problem to tackle. To get rid of this problem and hold a good command over English, follow these points:

  • Maintain a habit of reading English newspaper on a routine basis. Prefer ‘The Hindu’ or ‘The Indian Express’.
  • Take complicated words from the Editorial section and grab their meaning to boost your learning.
  • Take CDS English Practice test every day to cover a section and try to attempt maximum questions with minimum errors. The regular practice will build your confidence and help you even in building assumptions (in case you are not sure for correct answer).
Study Plan to Crack CDS General Knowledge Exam

Being the lengthiest syllabus in CDS Exam, it’s hard for almost everyone to cover each and every topic of General Knowledge. But with this study plan (mentioned-below) you can build good command on CDS General Knowledge.

  • For current affairs, note regular updates from the newspaper. The newspaper will offer you almost every part of the syllabus.
  • Instead of mugging up multiple books, stick to one compiled book (we prefer Lucent GK book).
  • Once you complete one section of the syllabus, attempt its questions from the internet and test your knowledge.
  • Don’t waste time on a single subject. Instead divide your time equally on all subjects and give them allotted time.
Study Plan to Crack CDS Mathematics Exam

Mathematics is the easiest subject to score high in CDS 1 2018 Exam. As the concept of mathematics is all about formula and logic, you can easily command this subject.

  • Clear your basics that are required in CDS Exam like square roots, cube roots, squares, cubes of few numbers.
  • Consider understanding basic formulas. These formulas will help you solve most of the answers in CDS 2018 Exam.
  • In mathematics, the more you practice the better will be your efficiency and potential. So, practice more and more.

CDS 1 2018 Preparation Tips [Important for Freshers]

Manage Your Time: Time plays a major factor in the preparation for CDS 1 2018 Exam. Before you begin your CDS preparation, manage your time and prepare an effective time plan. It’s easy to build a time schedule but it’s hard to follow the same within your routing. So, prepare yourself to follow the timetable strictly.

Follow Tough to Easy Approach: As you are having 2 months (60 days) for the preparation for CDS 1 2018, you should start with your weak points. Try to cover them and practice them well. Once you are done with the weak points, you can go through the easy ones and run a complete revision of the syllabus before the exam.

Make Proper Notes:  Notes making is a good habit to track your efforts. Whatever you learn in General Knowledge, makes their notes and revise them whenever you find leisure time. Notes making allows you save your time in reading the pointers instead of complete theory. Also, writing the notes makes more impact on the brain that increases memory power.

Add Physical Exercise to Your Routine: it seems weird, but regular exercise is very important for your body to retain its actual potential; mentally as well as physically. If you already do regular exercise, focus on your CDS preparation, but if you are not having an exercise in your daily routine, you need to update your daily schedule and perform exercise on daily basis. Regular exercise will strengthen your mental skills that will really help you during the examination.

Take Online Practice Test: Understanding the concept will make you confident, but it’s equally important to test your skills during the exam. So, you should take online practice papers on a regular basis to test your potential and find the loopholes in your preparation. There are many online portals that offer you CDS Test series with time restriction. This will make you capable to increase your efficiency during the exam.

Online or Offline Preparation for CDS 2018

There is always a heavy debate on whether you should prepare via online means or offline means. There are many students who find comfort in online preparation while many others feel it comfortable via offline mode.  Well, to cover all the subjects and prepare smartly, you should go with both the modes collectively.

To prepare for CDS Exam using online and offline study material, follow the below-given points:

  1. Start with the understanding of each and every topic through offline mode. In case you find any doubt in a particular topic or you need to go in depth, you can use the online means like YouTube to learn.
  2. There are many books available for Vedic tricks that you can learn for quick calculations. If you don’t find the bulky books comfortable for preparation, you can move onto online websites that offer you limited tricks that is actually beneficial for your exam.
  3. Above all, it’s important for CDS 1 2018 Preparation to take regular tests. Taking online test will help you judge your potential and your current status. There are many online test series that you can buy and take time restricted test series. The online test series is important to test your time management that will play a major role during the CDS 1 2018 Exam.

Most of you have already started your preparation for CDS 2018 (I). But still, if you have any doubt related to the study plan for CDS 1 2018, drop a comment in the comment section below. Else, you can ask any query via mail at [email protected].

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