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All About Gagan Shakti 2018 – Indian Air Force’s Largest Exercise

Gagan Shakti 2018 is the largest exercise conducted by the Indian Air Force in the last 3 decades. The exercise began on 10th April till 23rd April 2018. More than 1100 combat, transport, and rotary wind aircrafts made their presence in the Gagan Shakti Military Exercise. The exercise was conducted in the Western areas along the Pakistan border. After executing their training at Pakistan, they will move to China border to practice as per their terrain.

Every candidate who is going to attend SSB in the coming days might be asked a plethora of questions around the topic “Gagan Shakti 2018”. So, here are some important questions that you might be asked.

Question 1: What is Gagan Shakti 2018?

Gagan Shakti is the largest military exercise of Indian Air Force that was started on 10th of April and will last until 23rd April. Considered to be the largest exercise since last 3 decades, the Indian Air Force has mobilized 1100+ aircraft to practice the real-time war scenario. The motto of this exercise is to experience real-time warfare situations along with Pakistan and China border.

Question 2: What is the Strength of Gagan Shakti 2018 Exercise?

In this ever-long military exercise, 300+ officers’ and 15000+ airmen from the Indian Air Force has participated. Along with this strength, the joint operation with Indian Navy and Indian army has also been witnessed in the exercise.

Question 3: What’s the Working format of Gagan Shakti Exercise?

In the military exercise, the Indian Air Force received wartime like experience and covered almost every terrain to practice hard. They covered almost 20,000 ft heights, hot deserts, maritime locations and many more. Under this military exercise, the aircraft form Bhuj will fly towards Assam and will do the bombing. The same format will be followed by another aircraft flying from Assam to Bhuj.

Along with similar wartime experience, mass causality drill has also been conducted using C-17 aircraft.

What about Pakistan and China?

As the entire military exercise is being conducted near Pakistan and China border, both the countries might be afraid of the huge power of Indian Air Force. India has already updated both the countries about the exercise to avoid any misunderstanding. On both the war fronts, the Indian Air Force requires 42 fighter squadrons while there are only 31 available in Indian Air Force. Still, there is a worry like situation in Islamabad and Beijing.

The maritime locations are being practiced with the support of Indian navy. The full maritime assets are being operated form the bases in south peninsula and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

During the Gagan Shakti 2018 Exercise, the Indian Air Force displayed the manoeuvre of mid-air refueling along with long-range airstrikes that strengthen the abilities of Indian Air Force.


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