Most Helpful Tips & Topics For SSB Lecturette Test 2020

Lecturette is the task faced by the candidates on the GTO 1 or GTO 2 days. The task is scheduled by the GTO officer as per the relevance. The candidate has to deliver a Lecturette on a topic for 3 minutes.

The task possesses a crucial position in checking the confidence, communication skills and the power of the candidate to organize his thoughts and ideas in the form of a lecture. The following strategy will help the candidates in delivering an effective lecture in the task with impressive performance.

Rules for Lecturette in SSB:

  • You will be given a card having 4 topics.
  • Select any topic for delivering the Lecturette.
  • 3 minutes will be given to you for preparing for your topic.
  • 3 minutes will be given to deliver your lecture.
  • A short ring will be given after 2 ½ minute to alert you about the deadline.

What is seen in Lecturette?

  • Your confidence level in speaking out in front of people..
  • The way you organise your thoughts and speak out in a fluent way.
  • Observation and knowledge level.

Tips to Perform Well in Lecturette

  • Practice for it as much as you can.
  • Try to talk in English so that you can easily convert your thoughts in English.
  • Make an outline of your lecture in the 3 minutes given to you and just add relevant material in it when you deliver your Lecturette.

The topics that are covered in the Lecturette card are from various fields. But most of them are from the current affairs or general knowledge. Some important topics for lecturette are

  • GST
  • Digital India
  • Smart India
  • FDI
  • Smart cities
  • Press freedom in India
  • Women empowerment
  • India against corruption
  • Demonetisation
  • Net neutrality
  • RTE
  • Capital punishment
  • E-waste
  • Medical tourism
  • Direct benefit transfer

Conclusion – The tasks scheduled in the SSB have significance as per the selection requirement. Lecturette has also got some purpose to check certain things in the aspirants. Efforts are always required in enhancing your performance and the same has to be followed here.

Public speaking skill is the most crucial quality required in the armed forces officers and it can only be learnt by getting involved in public discussions. Lecturette access all these traits of the candidates and checks whether the candidates are confident enough to speak out his ideas and thoughts effectively. Practice, put efforts and get closer to your success.


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