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Inspiring Story of Bear Grylls Who Want to Join Indian Army

All over the globe, there are countless adventure freaks who always love to experience new and thrilling life. But when we talk about an adventure, there is one serial “Man vs Wild” starring Bear Grylls which is known to almost everyone on this planet. There are countless facts about this weird man of the earth, but only a few knows that Bear Grylls wanted to join Indian Army once he completed his schooling.

Bear Grylls Biography 

Bear Grylls was born on 7th July 1974. The real name of Bear Grylls is Christened Edward Michael Grylls. His elder sister used to name him Bear because of his extraordinary animal like skills. From childhood, he was keen towards sports and extracurricular activities. He was more drawn towards sailing, climbing, and mountaineering. He Joined as Territory Army Reservist for SAS. When he was just 23, he becomes the youngest climber to conquer Mount Everest.

Currently, Bear Grylls family consists of his wife Shara Cannings Knight, whom he married in 2000, and his three sons, Jesse, Marmaduke, and Huckleberry.

Interesting Facts about Bear Grylls [8rd is Highly Inspiring]

1. Bear Grylls served in British Army for three years (from 1994 to 1997). In 1994, he joined the 21 Regiment of Special Air Service (SAS) where he earned enormous knowledge about the survival tricks.

2. He climbed the AmaDablam hill at a very young age. It is believed that the AmaDablam Mountain is unclimbable but for Bear, nothing is impossible.

3. Bear is a professional Karate master. In Shotokan Karate, he holds a Dan Black Belt. The most interesting fact is that he is the owner of the second Ban Black belt in Shotokan Karate. (Really Interesting!)

4. He (only bear Grylls) can drink his urine. Being one of the survival tactics, he has drunk his urine in many of the incidents. In many of the man vs Wild episodes, he showed the survival skills to stay alive on his urine and dead animal’s organs.

5. He is the youngest Chief Scout. He holds the designation at an age of 34. For those who are not aware of the term “Chief Scout”, it is the head scout of any organization like Military, Colonial administration, etc.

6. He holds multiple world records.  There are multiple world records received by Bear Grylls. One of the weird world records is having an open-air dinner at a height of 7,600 meters. One he is the guy who can do such crazy tasks.

7. He has witnessed death multiple times. During a SAS SkyDrive, he crushed his three vertebrae when he fell from a ripped parachute. But even after eight months of the incident, he climbed Mount Everest.

8. Bear wanted to join Indian Army. Most of you would already know this fact that Bear was highly fascinated with the Indian Army and hence was passionate to join Indian Army after he completed his schooling. But lacking the Indian citizenship, he was not able to join the Army. However, he still spent some time with Indian Army in Sikkim.

Incidents When Bear Grylls Almost Died:

In 1996, Broken Back: It was during his training at the SAS when he was undergoing the skydiving adventure, his parachute malfunctioned at a height of about 16000 feet. As a result, Bear Grylls broke his back. Later he was admitted to out-of-military rehabilitation centre for nearly an hour.

In 1998, Dehydration and a Blinding Migraine: In 1999, Bear was about to climb the final leg of his climb to the Mount Everest. During this adventure, four of his team members already lost their lives. When bear was about to complete the final leg, he faced dehydration and blinding migraine when he was almost died. He stated that one of six climbers clear the final leg.

Almost Crushed his Skull: During an episode shoot for “The Foot, for Man vs Wild”, he was to slide down on the snowy mountain in the Yukon (Canada). When he slipped, his camera man was to do the same task. But when they were about to slide, they unfortunately collided with each other. It was expected that if camera had hit Bear Gryll, he would have a crashed skull, but fortunately, it skipped with a hair’s breadth. He survived with a broken femur only.

Why Did Bear Grylls Want To Join the Indian Army?

Everybody now knows the truth that Bear Grylls want to join Indian Army, but lack of Indian citizenship becomes a barrier within. Bear was highly fascinated with the skills and adventure he experienced during his India visit.

Bear had a friend Watty with whom he came to India to learn the skills of mountaineering. Fortunately he was taught the incomparable skills of hiking and mountaineering by a retired Indian Army Officer. So, in simple, he was influenced by the way of life an Indian Army officer lives. Further he was influenced by the adventure he experienced during his mountaineering studies.

About ‘Man vs Wild’ starring Bear Grylls:

‘Man vs Wild’ is one of the famous television series starring Bear Grylls. It is the show that shows the real-life hacks to survive in adverse locations on the planet. The show was first broadcasted on 10th of November with the title “The Rockies”.

Since starting, Bear has been the leader in this television series. For this, he has visited numerous parts of the world that even includes India.

Bear Grylls India episode is one of the famous shoots he has ever made in the entire television shoots. The TV series is known by different names as it was named as Born Survivor: Bear Grylls, Ultimate Survival, and Survival Game.

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