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AFCAT 1 2018 Result and SSB Interview Dates

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AFCAT 1 2018 Exam was held on 25th of February 2018 over different centres. This time, the exam was conducted online and the entire online exam format was planned by C-DAC. But due to some technical issues, the exam was canceled in some of the centres. Hence the C-DAC proposed to re-schedule the AFCAT 2018 (1) online exam in some of the centres. Once the exam is successfully conducted, the AFCAT 1 2018 Result will be declared by the Indian Air Force. The exam results will be followed by the SSB interview dates which are flexible for each and every candidate who cleared the exam.

When is AFCAT 1 2018 Result Expected?

In general, the AFCAT written exam result is released within 30-40 days. But since the AFCAT 2018 exam has been rescheduled in some of the centres, the expected date of AFCAT 1 2018 result will be delayed till the online exam is conducted in the respective centres.

Once the exam is successfully conducted by the Indian Air Force and C-DAC, the result is expected to take nearly a month for the declaration of scorecard and selection. The individual marks will be shown for EKT and AFCAT Exam along with the passing marks.

How to Check AFCAT 1 2018 Result?

Once the result is declared by the Indian Air Force, it will be published on the official website of Indian Air Force i.e. careerairforce.nic.in. Along with the declaration of AFCAT Results on the Career website of Indian Air Force, the result will also be released on the official website of AFCAT i.e. afcat.cdac.in. The AFCAT website is managed by the C-DAC.

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It is expected that with the introduction of online exam format, it will become easy for the concerned authorities to check the papers more quickly and hence the result might be declared within a week of the re-scheduled dates of AFCAT written exam.

To check your result for AFCAT 1 2018, you need to follow the below given steps:

  • Open the official website of AFCAT i.e. https://afcat.cdac.in/AFCAT/.
  • Once you open the website, you will be required to open the Candidate Login.
  • In the login column, submit your email ID and password, followed by the CAPTCHA.
  • On successful login, you will see your AFCAT result along with the marks you achieved in the online exam.
  • You will also be shown the passing marks, required to clear the AFCAT exam.

SSB Interview Dates for AFCAT 1 2018:

Now, you have cleared the written exam. Congratulations!

With this, you clear the first step towards your dream. Now, you will be notified to choose the SSB dates available in different SSB centre of Indian Air Force. You will be notified about the date within which you need to choose the date and SSB Centre of your choice.

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In case you are unable to choose the date and SSB centre for AFCAT SSB, you will be provided the centre and date as per availability. Here you will not be able to make a selection after the dates are over.

So, to stay updated with the selection of SSB Interview Dates for AFCAT, keep reading SSBToSuccess.

How to Prepare for AFCAT SSB Interview?

For those who have made it in the written exam, the time will be short and hence they need to start their SSB preparation from today onwards. There is countless stuff available online which can easily help you to Crack SSB in first Attempt. But when you are preparing for the AFCAT SSB Interview, consider some important points:

Focus on your weakness instead of boosting your strong points.

  • When you are preparing for SSB Interview, stick to one resource. Changing resources will make you confused that will finally result in a heavy mess in your mind.
  • Start practicing for the Personal Interview and Lecturette from day one. This will help you in grabbing command on English as well as build your confidence level.
  • Start reading the newspaper to stay updated with the current affairs. This will help you rule the interview, Lecturette and Group Discussion.
  • Always show your originality and avoid making the bluff. Nowadays it has become easy for the SSB Assessors to judge your originality.

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